Christmas Event is on!

Welcome to WR Christmas Event!

Duration: December 5th 9AM UTC — January 8th 9AM UTC

All players of level 5 and above can take part in the new winter event!

As a start we're giving you Gold gifts!

In addition to daily tasks there are special event tasks! This time there are two series of challenges!

  • The first one starts on Dec 5th 9AM UTC and will be available till Dec 22nd 9AM UTC.
    For completion you get two Shocktrains and Bulgasari! Here's the full list of tasks and rewards: 

  • Second one starts on Dec 22nd 9AM UTC and expires with the event on Jan 8th 9AM UTC. You’ll get 2 Storms and Hover robot for completing it. Here's the list of tasks and rewards: 

You can also win awesome equipment by participating in event activities!

  • Select a robot or a weapon you want to own and exclude the items you do not like from the offered prize pool and play a game!
  • You can press "renew" at any moment to make the whole prize selection available again.

Prize pool will be updated throughout the event. Don't miss out!

Clan players can once again strengthen their clan increasing its member count! A gift to your clanmate will get you a Premium subscription!

Finally Christmas offers are coming!

See you on the battlefield, Pilots!


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Pyrotech44210 months ago

It's a little late, but what I would like for christmas would be: -5% or -10% haechi health nerf, -15% kumiho health nerf (really, the fastest robot in the game should not have the health of a heavy robot and shouldn't even be the fastest robot in the game; it should still be the stalker), -5% kumiho speed nerf, 5 seconds --> 7 seconds cooldown nerf, Shocktrain nerf base shot -5% (seriously, no midrange weapon should deal that much damage), bulgasari -5% shield durability nerf, vityaz 5% health buff, since the golem has more firepower and more max health than the vityaz, future redesign to fix the clown-looking boa, remove the chance to LOSE keys from opening chest (opening gold chest w/ 1000 keys and only get 500 keys in return), or make them not quite so bad, no less than 80% of what you paid. Nerf exorcist speed to no more than 45km MAX, claasify it as heavy, remove stealth, reduce cooldown back to 20 seconds, and increase the health. I would appreciate at least one of my nerfs to be done or this game could end up in a disaster.

Davidnuli10 months ago

I dont think it is possible to finish all tasks, too hard if you ask me guys...

Trần Họ10 months ago

I participated in the event. and gaining 20000 pieces of weapons. but after the change into a complete weapon. they disappear. and I do not have one. Game bug or what happened

Furious10 months ago

Is it really that get to compete few tasks....?Now im at trebuchet....i did hardly 50 battles since the event started....

Dudosh10 months ago

Does anybody know what is the final gold cost in the pexeso/roulette event? My estimates are around 800-900 g .

Zero One Actual 10 months ago

Bael, Yeah so far I'm about 400 battles in to this and I am one task away from a new emerald Griffen. I'm burnt out and I did the math and averaging 5 kills and 3 caps with a 60% win ratio it would take over 1500+ matches. Per event. Best case scenario. I'm burnt out on it already.

Primetx10 months ago

Does this offer apply for Android also? I don't see this in my account?

Bael10 months ago

too much task to do all i can reach is the trebucket

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