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War Robots Development News. 03.11.17

by War Robots - 3.11.2017

Next War Robots update will arrive in a couple of weeks. It’s time to give you a brief look on the upcoming changes.

Before we started, a quick disclaimer: we put a lot of effort into addressing community’s biggest concerns, but at the same time we don’t want to announce new features before there’s something palpable to show. That means, if you didn’t find your particular issue in the list, it doesn’t mean we don’t work on fixing it. Most likely, we do — and you’ll hear about it soon.

  • Current version: 3.3 (known issues)
  • Next update: 3.4 (mid-November)

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Balance update 3.4

  • Haechi. Movement speed -5%, shield capacity -10%

Haechi’s is clearly overperforming in most leagues, so we’re cutting off some of its power. Kumiho and Bulgasari are more or less fine — we’ll leave them be, but continue monitoring their performance very closely.

  • Shocktrain — damage nerf. Damage decreases by 50% per enemy hit (previously 35%)

Shocktrain’s secondary procs deal too much damage for their ease of use. We’re toning them down in 3.4.

  • Hydra. -5% damage per rocket

After fixing a bug causing homing missiles to sporadically self-detonate, Hydra’s performance went slightly above expected. To alleviate that we’ll be chipping some of its damage away.

  • Molot, Tempest, Scourge. +5% damage per particle

Weapons with sustained damage still don’t compete on quite the same level as most bursty guns. Step by step, we’re looking for the right balance.


Low priority queue status

  • Planned for: already here

To reduce the number of uneven matches we introduced penalties for abusing match leaving. For details check here.

This alone doesn’t solve the issue entirely. We’re working on:

  1. Visual representation of being in/out of LPQ
  2. Adding more tools for tracking uneven matches
  3. Better rewards for climbing the ladder to incentivize competitive play in higher leagues. More on that here

Stay tuned for more news.


New feature: Hangars

  • Planned for: 3.4

Many asked for it. Starting from 3.4 you’ll be able to prepare more than one robot set before going into fight. Having additional hangar doesn’t give players a direct edge (as everyone is still fighting using a fixed set of five robots), but allows for more flexibility. Seeing what map and mode you received, you can choose which hangar will work better for you.

Each additional hangar costs 7500 Au. You’ll be able to stack up to 5 sets total, each will have exactly as many slots as you have in your primary hangar: if you have all 5 slots open, others will have five as well.

All in all, robots getting dusty in your inventory will finally have a chance to see some light.

Try running multiple Hangars on the upcoming test server session!


New robot: Hellburner

  • Planned for: 3.5/3.6


After dragging Hellburner through a couple of trials on test server, we took it back for refinement.

If you remember, Hellburner’s key feature is a mounted bomb that allows it to self-destruct dealing enormous damage in an area around. This ability was useful for one particular scenario: go in, scream “You’re going down with me!” and get demolished, hopefully eliminating a couple of enemies in the process.

That didn’t leave much space for an interesting interplay, so we decided to reintroduce this ability from a slightly different angle. Now your bomb deals less damage to enemies around, but doesn’t destroy you outright — you can keep exploding until your robot can’t take it any longer. The explosion still damages you significantly, so good Hellburner pilot always has to weight what’s more important to him right now: going nuclear or feeling safer.


New map: Dreadnought

  • Planned for: 3.4


Concept art

The new map was delayed for some additional polish. Now all is fine and Dreadnought is slated for release with 3.4.


New robot: Hover

  • Planned for: 3.4


That’s a robot that can float in the air — previously know as “Glider”. Hover surfaced on test server a couple of times already. Now, after couple rounds of polish, it comes to the live server with the next update.


Mode queues status

We removed Yamantau, Canyon and Springfield from Team Deathmatch map rotation as many didn’t like having long-ranged fights in this mode. To give you more time and decide whether or not you like this kind of TDM more, we made the mode available until the end of Halloween event.

After event is over, TDM will become unavailable. Queue selector will return back to its previous state: Domination and Beacon Rush will have separate entry points, so you’ll be able to choose between two modes again.

News on future of modes will come in late.

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