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Development roadmaps published once per season became a fine addition to our communication process, but apparently it wasn’t enough to keep you informed on all things. So we decided to change our approach a little.

From now on we’ll be publishing shorter Dev Updates focused on particular features or topics. This will allow us to provide you with more up-to-date information on changes that are coming.

Once in a while we will also publish status reports on features you already know about. How are they doing? How they changed after your feedback? What’s coming next? First article of that kind is coming this Friday.

And this time we’ll talk about revised reward system hitting War Robots in a couple of months.


Supply Crates

Planned for: update 3.5 (Winter)

A quick UI mock-up to give you a general idea.

Every few hours, Supply Crates (working title) automatically appear in your hangar. Each crate contains a guaranteed amount of gold, silver AND components. The total value of those is directly tied to your league placement: the higher you are, the better the rewards.

To open these crates, you don’t have to do anything. You just come in the game and take them. That’s it. Free regular loot, no strings attached.


Honor Rewards

Planned for: update 3.6 (Winter)

Pasted image at 2017_10_31 06_54 PM.png

New post-combat screen showing, among other things, your progress towards the next crate (numbers are subject to change!)

Similarly to Supply Crates, Honor Rewards bring even more loot to your table, rewarding you greatly if you’re an active player. For every match completed, you progress towards a crate with a guaranteed amount of gold, silver and components.

There’s no limit on how much you can amass during the day: the more you play, the closer you get to the next reward. Fight contribution is also a factor: get more beacons, deal more damage, fight till the end — and you’ll receive more crates in the end.

(those leaving the match preemptively will be receiving no honor — because leaving is dishonorable, y’know)


Where's the benefit?

We introduce Supply Crates and Honor Rewards with three goals in mind.


First. Give incentives to climb higher in leagues and reward active players

Honor Rewards include gold, silver and components at the same time. On one side they boost your net income by huge margin, on another — they ease your access to new weapons and robots.

The higher your league is, the better rewards are. Overall this should at least double your regular income — but that’s not the limit. The more you play, the better you play — the more you get.


Second. Address the fact that high-level economy is very different at this point

Without tons of luck, acquiring new robots and guns might be really tricky for many players. We want to ensure that in the future everyone has a reliable way of getting any robot or gun. It always will take time — the journey towards any new high is (and will be) an integral part of the game. But however you choose to play, said journey has to be fun, not grueling.

Supply Crates and Honor Rewards are the first step in that direction: they bring you plenty of components just for playing.  


Third. Replace “First win of the game” bonus with something more substantial

Long ago we introduced first win of the game bonuses. The idea was to provide you with a sense that you can come to the game every day and reap some sweet, sweet goods. However, those goods weren’t scaling very well: on low levels additional 90000 Ag might seem like a lot, but the more progress you make, the less you care.

Supply Crates, however, scale with you, staying relevant along with your progression.




This was the first glimpse into the new reward system. Quite soon we’ll publish more details, including numbers you can expect. But overall — what do you think? We prepared a quick survey, it’ll be great if you take some time to fill it. 


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Biswas Boralast year

My battle/honor rewards are not showing 😑

MishoBG 12last year

Thanks for the update. The game is now very cool. (I want just to say that I was so close to get enough parts for kumiho but you changed the prize from the supply crates. PLEASE return kumiho's components back.) Without that the game is super. Keep it in the same way🙂🙂🙂

Matthewthecowboy2 years ago

pretty good
better have something GOOD and not TRASH inside the chest......
(i have too much silver)

winner.winner2 years ago

Thanks a lot. The three points you made at the end are really really good. I guess you did hear from us, the diehard players. However, with so many disappointments in the past, I will not believe your sincerity until I see it. Here a few more thoughts, could bring back the fun in this game again. 1. More nerf to the new bots/weapons or more buff to older bots/weapons. Please give older bots/weapons a chance to win. Half of my clan-mates left the game (clan steelforge on Android), because their hangers can no longer compete. Many of them have played this game for 3 years. They are not stinch and willing to pay, but they are not crazy. 2. Redo the match making again, league system is not working and encourages tanking. Please use the hanger strength with experience as a factor (multiplier) to evaluate each player. This strength evaluation needs to be done at each battle and can be done at client side. You may contact me for details of my thoughts on this (for free). 3. Bring back the old players and let them restore their accounts before they sold everything and uninstall. I understand this is hard to do, but I think this could bring the credibility back to Pixonic. 4. Most importantly, reduced the disparity between paid and free bots/weapons. I understand Pixonic needs money to operate and develop the game. Paid players provide the income for the company and keep board members happy. However, free players is the base of the game. All paid players are all started from free players. They are the ones telling their friends about this game and make this game popular. If they always get destroyed by paid players, then they will not stay and the game will lost its player base. In my opinion, free (WSP, Au, Ag) bots/weapons should be as good as paid (components) bots/weapons. The different should be paid bots can be ready faster than free bots.

OK, I made this post way too long. I have a lot more to say, but I will stop. Thanks for reading.

Trần Ninh2 years ago

Make it fast before they all leaving the game. I love this.

Evan Humphrey2 years ago

Nice! This sounds like a step in the right direction. I fully support it, thank you.

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