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War Robots 3.3 Update Notes. Halloween, TDM and more

by War Robots - 18.10.2017


Response to the way we distributed new robots and weapons was overwhelming. We agree that pushing Components before introducing more reliable ways to acquire them for free was too much for many. Changes are coming.

In this update we’re already adding some things to improve your experience, but keep in mind: this is only a fraction of changes we had planned. Bringing the rest of the them will take slightly more time. Thank you for your patience!

Other than that, content-wise 3.3 update adds quite a bit. There’s a new gun, a new experimental game mode and also — a Halloween event. No ghosts this time, there’s something else going on. Want to know what? Just take a look yourself. In War Robots Halloween starts at October 26th. 

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Now let’s get to the meat of the deal.


Getting components

We hear you

In 3.3 you’ll have 3 ways to get equipment built from Component:

  1. Components can be received on Black Market and awarded during Halloween event
  2. Scourges and Kumiho are awarded for completing Halloween quest lines
  3. Also, over the course of upcoming weeks you’ll be receiving special offers allowing you to directly exchange some of your Gold and Workshop Points on Components you need. Be sure to check the offers tab from time to time to see if there’s something useful for you there

Of course, we’re not going to stop here. More to come in later updates!


Halloween Event

Uhh, shivers!

  • Event starts on Oct 26th 07:00 UTC and will continue until Nov 13th 07:00 UTC.
  • For each battle you get additional Gold that you can spend as you please
  • There’s a new quest line that can bring you 2 Scourges, Kumiho and tons of lesser items
  • You can spend Gold for a chance to win Components, days of premium and other things. You can also choose, which items you DON’T want to get
  • Also — during the event some things will look… different. How so? Just go and take a look!


Team Deathmatch

No beacons — just go and fight

We keep introducing experimental game modes. Last time we added another strategic layer to the game by allowing you to choose where you respawn — that led us to the Beacon Rush. The experiment did just fine and Beacon Rush is now going to stay.

This mode, Team Deathmatch, leads us in an opposite direction. There are no beacons. Damage and pilots that you manage to catapult is the only thing that matter here. Here’s a quick guide:

Please note that this mode is available temporarily at first. Just like with Beacon Rush, we can let TDM stay if you like it or get rid of it if you don’t. All depends on how you will receive it! 

During TDM availability Beacon Rush and Domination will be merged in one matchmaking queue. With that said, we plan to allow everyone having multiple hangars in one of the upcoming updates so you can adapt and choose which robots you want to use already knowing what mode and map you are deployed on.


Item Enhancement

Everything can be MK 2 now

Once you upgrade any piece of equipment to level 12 you’ll have an option to Enhance it for 500 Gold. After enhancement item’s progress will start anew, but it will turn from just “item” to “item MK 2” and receive a permanent stat boost. Then you can upgrade this gun or robot from level 1 to 12 the same way as before.

Hearing all your concerns about rebuilt items being too strong, we went for safer bonuses: enhanced robots are 20% more durable and weapons receive 20% boost in damage. Also, only one Enhancement cycle per item is allowed.

Enhanced equipment is distinguished with “MK 2” and its title is tinted with green. We don’t want any confusion with naming, so medium variations of Molot and Punisher are called Molot T and Punisher T again. “T” stands for “twin”, by the way.


New Weapon: Shocktrain

Tesla would be proud


Damage to primary target at level 12: 3100 (per charge, stacks up to 5 times)
Maximum range: 500 m
Reload time: 3 s + 1 second per every charge (up to 8 s)

Shocktrain is great when fighting large groups and those pesky corner-shooters that try to hide behind their teammates. It deals damage to one primary target and then bounces to closest enemies in 150 meter radius. Shocktrain’s charge can bounce up to 5 times (once per enemy) with every subsequent proc dealing 35% less damage.

Also, you can charge Shocktrain up exactly like Trebuchet: the longer you wait before shooting, the more damage you deal. Meaning, it might be a good idea to wait the for best opportunity to pull the trigger instead of shooting right when ready.


New skins

For Leo, Natasha, Galahad, Rogatka and Raijin


What else

  • Fire buttons respond on taps better. If you got used to old controls, firing should feel better now


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Lalo9 months ago

In TDM everyone just sits back waiting for the other team to make a move which leads to unnecessary stalling.
In domination it takes too long to get to the action and back and forth battle for the same middle beacon.
But beacon rush? Hands down the best thing that has been introduced in WR. This mode is by far the most intense and action-packed out of the 3 available modes. Players are very willing to capture beacons which leads to encounters at every corner with the opposition.
Please WR, separate domination from beacon rush. Let players decide which mode they wish to play.

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