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Here it is. The new War Robots website.

We’ve been working on it for quite a while, and now we can finally show it to you. Feel yourself at home. Fiddle around. We think it's pretty great. What do you think?

Overall, this website is a part of bigger plan we are going to put in action. The back and forth communication between developers and players is always a huge challenge but we are eager to accept it. Our goal with was to turn it into one definitive place where you can go to find answers to all your questions and keep coming back for more.

What are we doing here?

We entertain. We engage. We assist you at becoming a better pilot. We also tell our stories and share yours.

We do whatever possible to give War Robots community bigger, fuller, deeper context. This is our mission here on

Currently, there are 3 key sections on the website.


This is where you are right now. You check the News section to learn about the game and its development process. Basically, here we are doing what we already did in our old blog, although now we are putting much more emphasis on it as a way of information delivery. Meaning, there will be more articles, more news, more updates going directly your way.

Knowledge base (BETA)

Got any gameplay-related questions? Meet The Iron Library which is full of data on robots, weapons and maps.

It doesn’t yet account for some features which we added to the game during the last couple of month (there’s no data on Item Enhancements, for example), and with some numbers it can get somewhat iffy. We’re improving it on the go, so feel free to play around with it and tell us what else you’d like to see.

By the way, for technical questions there's also our Customer Support page. You can check it too!

Community (BETA)

Want to engage in community action, find some good content or promote yours? Then Community section is the place to go!

In its first iteration, Community section is a curated, regularly updated board with player-made content. It has a submission form, where anyone can submit their content for an opportunity to be featured. We are going to update Community boards every couple of weeks, so keep coming back for new stuff!

Questions and answers

Q: What is going to happen to the old Knowledge base?

A: will stay around at least until we finish moving all the content to the new platform. Although all big updates from now on will be happenning exclusively on

Q: Any plans on adding forum or message board?

A: Not at the current point. For back and forth communication we use our Facebook Page. There’s also a fan-run section on Reddit and very active forums for more grounded, thorough discussions. They do the job quite well. However, if there’s ever a demand for a standalone messaging board, we might start working on it in the future.

Q: I have a video/drawing/something cool I want to show everyone. Can you publish it?

A: If you have anything cool to show, apply it through the form in the Community section. We’ll review it and give it a spotlight it deserves!

Q: I wrote a cool guide/review/thought piece. Can we publish on the website?

A: Absolutely! As long as it fits the theme of the website, we’ll be eager to publish it.  Just apply the link to your blog or a document with your article through the same form in the Community section.

Q: I found a terrible bug on the website and want it to be squashed. What do I do?

A: Just drop an email to And thanks for you help!


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King Of Sharks2 months ago

can you play as a pc player and fight or join the same clan as a android player?

Durkeim Cárdenas5 months ago

What's happen with the 10k gold and the 5 robots that you give to the someone players? I don't have that gift and this is Injustice I think, please Pixonic my ID: EP2GKY; Android

Asad6 months ago

recently in jump and stealth mood my inquisitor receive damage from the enemy....I loss 50% health while in stealth mood..few days ago there was no such problem...PLS FIX

Asad6 months ago

recently in jump and stealth mood my inquisitor receive damage from the enemy....I loss 50% health while in stealth mood..few days ago there was no such problem...PLS FIX

Asad6 months ago

recently in jump and stealth mood my inquisitor receive damage from the enemy....I loss 50% health while in stealth mood..few days ago there was no such problem...PLS FIX

Asad6 months ago

recently in jump and stealth mood my inquisitor receive damage from the enemy....I loss 50% health while in stealth mood..few days ago there was no such problem...PLS FIX

cipowar9 months ago

ya que no hay cambios que todo sigue igual que se le da prioridad a los "pay to win !" que te hacen decender de liga y te siguen poniendo oponentes de liga mayor ,con mucho mas nivel en bots y armas que con 27000 pts en la mayoria de las batallas ,ya es injugable ,que prometieron mejoras en todos los sentidos y nos mintieron dejare este juego , que me encantaba ,me siento traicionado chau ojala que se fundan por pordioseros y jugar con las personas soretes ....

Pyrotech4429 months ago

Edwin Rodriguez, Once they get more players so that there is a sufficient amount of people in the matchmaking pool, then maybe they will add a third button, or even a fourth with a new gamemode. I have to agree with you, I want to play just doination

Joepizzy10 months ago

I love the game , but honestly what's the point of new updates when you charge for everything? My daughter and I use to love it now she can't keep up with the lvl she's at . You think you'd learn from supercell and reward long time players with a chance to obtain these new crazy weapons ? Instead you want 59.99 and than my gameplay just to further upgrade them . I'm gonna give it one more month for you all to either allow me to convert gold orsilver into components or what's the point of silver if your robots are maxed ?


Azat1310 months ago

Haechi. Bulgasari дайте на новый год

Edwin Rodriguez10 months ago

You guys messed this game up... The random mode sucks.... Beacon rush sucks... I want to play Domination mode (The original mode). Everytime beacon rush comes up I have to leave match and try again... WTF?

RAGGU10 months ago

Germán Massa, So true my friend, the game lost its balance and its not as much fun like it was a few months ago.. but I do like the variety of stuff you can do within the game, the monthly spin wheel, featured bots spin games, the new maps, the event where you could purchase stuff at a discount etc. But like I said the game isn't balanced on the battlefield, pay to win is the issue.

Curt10 months ago

Germán Massa, I totally agree with you on that and to add to that they also have the components just as they have the keys that u get each and every battle keep in mind that some people are not capable of getting the components they want to have. only privileged to some people would not be right for example a black guy walks to a bar sits at the bar an orders a drink what he doesn't know is the bar is against blacks a white guy walks in sits next to the guy orders the black guy a drink n says it's on me some guys take notice of it so they walk over n say look what the cat rug in picks up the glass n starts to pour it all over the guy the guy stands up n says what n heck was that for says to the disrespectful guy cause I just plain out don't like ya and your black me and my friends over don't want you here the black guy turns with a reply to bad I didn't see no sign out front that says
“ no blacks hecks hill billy's economies asians germen or any other kind of race's except privileged or vips“ the disrespectful guy turns around n walks towards he's friends as they whisper in the background black guy trys to ignore what he hears with in background so am pretty sure u get what am going with this comment so if could do it I'd be forever grateful for that I don't know about anyone else butt this is only my opinion in that comment I feel like the black guy going up against the mean players of this game butt as the old saying goes“ don't hate game hate the players with in it“ well i for one go for neither one I only want to send them what they don't have or are missing out on n I think u n I both know what that is and I apologize if this comment offends anyone sorry I apologize

☆BushDr☆10 months ago

It's good to see some effort going into the game and it's community rather than just focusing on the new VR stuff you're working on.

William Sabato10 months ago

You guys promised to upload the comic book winners on the Iron Library but they haven’t been posted yet! Also do you have any idea when those comic books will be physically shipped to the winners? I havent recieved one yet

Naem Alvy10 months ago

Nice o e guys this was needed so bad btw can you guys introduce a report system like some people come inside game then leave for events thanks

Germán Massa10 months ago

I can think of some ideas. A very good one is to add a chat in combat, but in the mode of quick messages, preseted in different commands, similar to those of rocket league that are even translated automatically into the language of each player. That would make it dynamic as the game pretends to be. I thought about it because I've seen that several players try to communicate by shooting because they can not speak. Another idea is to balance the robots better, although your business is to earn money, I respect it, but the best games and more summoned are not "pay for win", the Counter Strike for example, it is gratifying for different players to feel in the same conditions as the opponent to enjoy the game. If you think about it, you will lose your income in the short term, but in the long term you will surely increase by the number of new players! That is my opinion, I hope it serves you! Greetings, Germán Massa, from Argentina.

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