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Patch Notes

War Robots 2.9.1 Update Notes. A moment of peace

by War Robots - 26.06.2017

This is more of a maintenance patch. We fixed some stuff here and there (begone, Zeus damage bug!) and now keep observing how things are going after the 2.9 update.

Our latest round of buffs made rocket weapons much more prominent, which caused a significant metagame shift. In other words — rockets are everywhere now. People seem to adapt to the situation by putting more emphasis on energy barriers: for example, pilots in Expert league and higher start to show off their Carnages much more often. We keep monitoring how things perform very closely, and right now our plain is to let things settle down a bit to see if further changes are necessary.

Previous patch notes


Next event

New event starts on July 4th! Do your best completing event tasks and get not one but two Tempest cannons! Collect tokens and open chests to win valuable prizes.

More details to come soon.


Bug fixes

– fixed a bug causing Zeus to deal no damage in certain occasions

– fixed a bug causing rockets to explode before reaching fast-moving opponents (Cossack, Rogatka and others) without dealing damage

– fixed collision issues on all maps: now you should get stuck much less often

– fixed a bug causing Ancile animation to trigger when shield gets in contact with friendly fire

– various performance improvements


New skins

  • Major Jesse
  • Lieutenant Doc
  • General Butch
  • Sandstorm Stalker
  • Guerilla Rhino

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