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Botkillerв прошлом году

I've been playing this game for less than a month but have done extensive research on various bots, weapons, and how if Pixonic could, they'd reach through the screen and steel our wallets. Right now I'm at lvl 25 in silver league. What I'm most curious about is how much the Ao Qin will cost. I have less than 10 million silver and a lot of that has been going towards upgrades and Spectre components. Spending 5 mil on a Fujin turned out to be the best decision I ever made in this game, but at that time my bots and weapons were lower levels and didn't cost as much to upgrade. The Ao Qin sounds like it could be a good asset, especially for beacon capping, but If Pix makes it the most expensive silver bot in the game it better be worth it. I wouldn't be surprised if other mid league players feel the same.

Also, is Pix going to have to start losing significant amounts of money before they rethink there in-game purchases system? My problem isn't so mush as how they try to force you to pay with unfair matches as much as it's with the prices. It'd be one thing to pay let's say, $10 for a robot, but $100! Are you freaking kidding me! Let's put this into perspective. For a full hangar of component bots without additional upgrades or weapons, you'd have to pay $500. Or, you could buy a brand new Xbox and use the money you would've spent on weapons to buy a few games. I think I know which one I'd have more fun with. Not everyone can throw a few hundred bucks down the toilet without a second thought Pixonic, PLEASE keep that in mind.

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