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Curt2 years ago

Now just one problem reminds matchmaking to were everyone is at the same type of levels bots hangers decks how ever the players use there bots like for example I have 1 spider 3 Leos an 1 carnage to battle around those types of bots lol I bless you guys for trying to make all of us happy at the same level to were no one goes unhappy u guys work so for us to play this game and I thank you for all u do for us

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Curt2 years ago

I totally agree with you on that and to add to that they also have the components just as they have the keys that u get each and every battle keep in mind that some people are not capable of getting the components they want to have. only privileged to some people would not be right for example a black guy walks to a bar sits at the bar an orders a drink what he doesn't know is the bar is against blacks a white guy walks in sits next to the guy orders the black guy a drink n says it's on me some guys take notice of it so they walk over n say look what the cat rug in picks up the glass n starts to pour it all over the guy the guy stands up n says what n heck was that for says to the disrespectful guy cause I just plain out don't like ya and your black me and my friends over don't want you here the black guy turns with a reply to bad I didn't see no sign out front that says
“ no blacks hecks hill billy's economies asians germen or any other kind of race's except privileged or vips“ the disrespectful guy turns around n walks towards he's friends as they whisper in the background black guy trys to ignore what he hears with in background so am pretty sure u get what am going with this comment so if could do it I'd be forever grateful for that I don't know about anyone else butt this is only my opinion in that comment I feel like the black guy going up against the mean players of this game butt as the old saying goes“ don't hate game hate the players with in it“ well i for one go for neither one I only want to send them what they don't have or are missing out on n I think u n I both know what that is and I apologize if this comment offends anyone sorry I apologize

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