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Well I’m a Capricorn who loves cuddly kittens and is fierce on the battlefield. Recently I had to take out a 2nd mortgage on my house to level my Spectre to MK2. So what can I say, I’m passionate.

Shaun Finnegan5 months ago

You are ultimately doing the right thing. I knew investing my resources into Falcon would pay off. I’m confused, falcon will now have 3 heavies?

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Shaun Finnegan7 months ago

On a positive note what I took from this are the weapon redesign. I love change, without change things stagnate and I get bored. I seriously think Storm weapon is way to small and needs to feel like a big barrel shotgun. Raven needs cool paint options. Ok I’m done

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Shaun Finnegan9 months ago

So after taking out a 2nd mortgage on my home, pawning off my dead grandmothers fancy china, selling my car, and donating plasma, I was able to buy the Raven. Then the real hardship began....leveling it up. It’s 42 MILLION silver just to get it to level 11.

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Shaun Finnegan11 months ago

Um yes hello, who will foot the bill for my trip to the emergency room? Seems my fingers don’t work anymore from all the impact to them left by hitting the sell components button a million times. Can’t you install a “Sell All” button?

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Shaun Finneganlast year

Look, if Pixonic made everything easily attainable or affordable, nobody would appreciate the uniqueness of owning the only 3 Dragoon Fury in the battle. I only had to take out a 2nd mortgage on my home, donated 46 bags of plasma, and pawned my gf’s engagement ring to get my MK2 Punishers last month.

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