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@#$&!?%10 months ago

Woh Woh Woh Pix? What happen? Only one new "stealth" bot for the noobs? What happen to all that creativity you have been selling over the past few years? What will all the noobs do with only one additional stealth bot available to add to their hanger?

Some suggestion so "stealth" noobs can remain competitive:

The "Spec-echi" - Stealth is perpetually active. Using its "jump-dash" ability deactivates stealth and while airborne the bot has 6 dashes.

The "Pur-cury" - This little beast can "stealth-dive" to the nearest enemy. When it hits the enemy, the bot turns into ash. For 30 seconds after the "stealth-dive" it remains in stealth and the following text in a robot voice can be heard "All skill. All skill. Look at me noobs. All skill".

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@#$&!?%last year

Please change "Lock Down" to prevent Dash and Jump+Stealth for 5 seconds. The way "Lock Down" works today is a painful gaming experience. There's no need to lock down older or slower robots. Now that "Lock Down" weapons are readily available every pilot has one and the game play suxs on both sides of a battle. To be clear, I have a Strider (lvl 12) and a Spectre (lvl 12) both of which would be effected by such a change.

For dash bots add a 10 second cooldown to the dash ability and 20 seconds before the "Lock Down" can be applied again. If the bot doesn't have available dashes to use stop the cooldown timer for the next available dash by 10 seconds.

For Spectre, Inquistor and Mercury add a 10 second cooldown to the Jump+Stealth ability and the same 20 seconds before reapplication can occur. Similar to the dash bots if any of the Jump+Stealth bots ability is already on cooldown either add 10 seconds to the current CD timer or pause it for 10 seconds.

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@#$&!?%last year

It's been a fun 2 years for me, lately I have been playing PUBG more than robots. Thanks Pix for making this game. Some suggestions (some were already mentioned on this thread)

1. Create a counter robot and/or ability to stealth. Lower leagues don't have an overkill of hangers filled with stealth bots. In higher league play most of the dominate hangers are filled with at least 3 stealth bots and then a mixture of more stealth or dash.
2. Hope Pix moves forward with meta/modules but not if this is available to all bots. This should be used more to balance bots rather than adding more to existing OP bots/weapons.
3. I didn't think healing bots were a good idea but do appreciate the heals during battle. Nicely done.
4. I don't really care about the economy, though in todays world of instant gratification I see why players dislike it.
5. Squads should not be able to profit from playing non-squads. I mentioned this in different post and someone suggested that this would be the end of squads, I say "so be it". The only outcome of this is more silver and higher ratings for players that win with out the other team having a chance.
6. Don't penalize the ratings for non-squads that lose against squads.
7. Create more indirect firing weapons (non line-of-sight) this will help counter campers (and stealthiers). There are plenty of LOS weapons in the game but not enough indirect weapons.
8. Create more utility versus firepower. Add items such as; smoke screens, flares, radar jamming, flash devices (turns the device screen white which slowly fades away), EMP (knocks out energy weapons).
9. Rework "lock-down" to; slow the bots max speed, prevent jump and remove a dash charge but not prevent the bot from moving.
10. Rework "damage suppression" to; remove charge(s) for energy weapons (# of charges can vary) . Leave Kinetic weapons alone.
11. Stop adding robots with barriers that block everything. With that said add different types of Ancil shields armaments; 100% energy and 50% energy/kinetic.

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@#$&!?%last year

Lock-down is a counter to dash, nothing counters stealth. Yes lock-down can help but with lock-down the bot can still stealth (the bot just doesn't jump) and there a plenty of obstacles on most of the maps where players can avoid damage prior to the jump+stealth+orkan cycle.

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@#$&!?%last year

Please create a counter to stealth, to many hangers in higher leagues are all stealth/dash and it makes the game boring.

Fix the game matching, non-squads should never play against squads or at least shouldn't be penalized for losing and squads shouldn't be rewarded for playing a non-squad team.

It seems "Random" game play isn't random at all and seems the majority of the games are Beacon Rush which favors the same players with hangers of stealth bots.

Please create a new league based on hanger rules. Make this an option under the player profile screen (turn on/off). The new league would place rules on hanger such as; only one stealth bot, only 4 of any weapon, only one dash | Spectre | Inquisitor, only one quick-draw ... you get the idea. Make the rewards for this league higher. Watching players with one strategy of jump+stealth+orkan is boring, very little strategy with a lot of reward (can't blame them but it is boring).

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@#$&!?%last year

All games change over time and that is something we players adapt to. This change is to makeup for your mistake in allowing 3-4 medium Shocktrains to be mounted on a single robot. Instead of balancing those robots you introduce something new that is even more damaging to the game. Those who like nimble and quick robots will be at a disadvantage. It would have be better for these weapons to result in some sort of pushback on energy weapons and/or dash regeneration. This at least gives the players a choice/decision to make rather than making their robot useless.

If you were to increase the number of Shocktrain charges that generate quickly with the high DMG accumulation occurring at later intervals a pushback mechanism from these 2 weapons would slow down the DMG output. This could be applied to all energy weapons. Now apply the same pushback to the dash engine. Dashes recharge at a certain rate and when this weapon hits it slows down the regeneration rate.

I think the "lock down" will cause a lot of players to walk. Adding RND (random features) to the game is not something that makes a game better as it adds the perception of luck versus skill.

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@#$&!?%2 years ago

This can never be an E-Sport, game play is't balanced. The matches would just be a bunch of dash bots with Shocktrains.

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@#$&!?%2 years ago

Rebalance? The Scourge damage is now 25% @ 600m and yet the Shocktrain's damage is not reduced? So a weapon were the opponent has to be so lazy to just stand in the open for 10 seconds is reduced but the the one that delivers instance damage is not?

600m ~24,000 damage over 10 seconds, reduced to ~12,000?
500m 15,000 damage instantly not reduced?


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@#$&!?%2 years ago

Game suggestion;
1) Add a second feature to the light, medium and heavy hard-points. Something similar to circle, square and triangle sockets. The sockets add a benefit to the game, they allow Pix to control the socket types for each robot. Example; "Dash" bots have 3 medium hard-points each of these can be defined as circle, square or triangle (C, S, T respectively). A "Shocktrain" can fit 1 or 2 of these sockets but not all 3. A similar configuration can be defined for all robots, as with "Fury". "Fury" defines 3 Heavy hard-points, and for this scenario the "Trebuchet" is a circle socket. Pix could define it to have (CST, CCT, CCS, SSC, SST, TTC, TTS) if it deemed 3 "Trebuchets" as overpowered. A feature like this can; (A) control the amount of burst damage (B) introduce more skillful play and break the cookie-cutter configurations.

2) Add utility to lighter robots. It seems older and lighter robots are becoming antiquated in higher leagues. If lighter/older robots provided some sort of "special" feature as do the newer robots (Dash, Quickdraw, Jump/Stealth) this might make them more viable in the game. Additions such as;
Flares vs Missiles (limited 5-10 per game)
EMP vs Energy weapons (350 meter range; 5 sec effect; 30 sec recharge)
N seconds of burst DMG (5 sec effect; 15 recharge)
Energy Shields that block 50% Kinetic and 50% Energy weapons (smaller dmg absorption than existing bots)
Radar Jammer (similar to stealth but causes targeting to flicker)
Laser Targeting (350 meters range; teammates that are out of range of the target can now hit the target with missiles)
Smoke Screen, teammates drop from screen, no square or diamond (last 10-20 seconds; closer than 400 meters can be seen 2-3 per game)

3) Beacon Rush, change the game dynamic to require a 5-10 sec wait time after death. It shouldn't benefit a player to capture a beacon, die and immediately re-enter the game. It should benefit the player which captures a beacon using skill.

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