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Khiladi Bhaiya Khiladi

Khiladi Bhaiya Khiladi2 years ago

Do one thing, go to Menu in the game and click on 'Read Agreement'. Whatever you said about penalizing Pixonic about, they have covered their assrs against that and all possible charges and suits.

You can't sue them no matter what they do to the game.

This is a child's play for corporates. They know how to protect their interests. They are clear, pay and play and win, don't pay and play and don't win 90% of the times.

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Khiladi Bhaiya Khiladi2 years ago

Well, the fact is, if Dragoons/Marquess/Hussar are that effective aren't they good for countering Ares? You see some player or the other will find every weapon or bot as OP. But there's no dispute that Ares is OP. Even Shocktrains are. In fact the kind of weapon it is, it doesn't belong to this game at all.

However the issue is the availability of these. For the first three four months they are just exclusively available for 'special' players.

IMO they should be available to everyone from the get go. Let it be a level playing field. Then the word OP will disappear.

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Khiladi Bhaiya Khiladi2 years ago

One thing I agree is there is a lot of stuff that should not be in the game like Shocktrains pilots etc.
But looking at the comments, one thing need to be clear is us players don't OWN the game. A corporate company does and that alone should be clear that they are looking for nothing else but profit.
Giving feedback is fine and critical feedback is even better, but in the end it is up to Pixonic to take it or leave it.
SIMILARLY, it is up to players to play or not. Looking at comments people absolutely hate the state of the game. If so, then don't play.
Problem is so many players promise not to play but yet every single update they come here and comment how crappy this game has become.
Life is much more than a game to get you upset guys. Other better things to do as well. Cheers.

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