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WRhatr5 months ago

Trust me I quit this game a long time ago after the manupulatative, pay2win updates started just about and it was a weight, A HUGE WEIGHT off my shoulders. Since Pixonic has a very unfriendly user interface and does not to seem to listen to any of the critismes it gets, the only way to make Pixonic listening is to take action(I mean leave the game). Because of all the updates with new robots and components, and all that, there but unobtainable with in game currency, (that is without spending a ridiculous amount of time on aquiring them). The only option people have is to buy the in game items with real money. This is basically Pixonics buissnes plan, to bleed its game dry update by agonizing update. Trying to squeeze every sorry drop of money from its game until the player base falls apart since the game stopped being fun. Right now the game still retains some of the original fun it had before the cursed updates started, however that is unlikely to last for long. We can see evidence that this change won't come by looking behind us and seeing all the updates slowly damning this game, and just read the comment section to see what people think. Clearly having said all this you can see there is no hope for this game. That is why I honestly believe you should quit war robots before the cursed devopers use you to steal even more money that is doesn't deserve.

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