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Sed Prime

Sed Prime5 months ago

Blame on you. nothing of necessity. You do it by choice.

The typical disgusting player who believes that following the ways of the game will achieve something. The same thing happened with the Specter, everyone considered it the best and now it is a crap that only 2 seconds and then it is destroyed. The only ones who use it are the losers who do not accept to throw their money in the trash.

And you are equal to them. You could easily use a Bulwark or a Falcon but no. You choose the disgusting Ares just because it's more "strong"

That robot is the only thing he does is hide and only goes out to fight when he has the skill loaded.

It is the same repulsive gameplay that the specter had and the same idea of:

"Be the best robot"

For me, you and all the players with your ignorant and painful mentality can go to hell with the whores that gave birth to them.

And when the Ares is a useless garbage, and there is another robot with the junk gameplay to hide. You will be saying the same thing.

But how much ignorance -_-

I have 2 Raijin mk2, a bulwark and an Inquisitor Thunder / Storm.

And I've beaten several ares. They are cowardly robots managed by weak people and without self-esteem. Obvious sok easy to defeat and humiliate.

And I'm sure that all the times that your Ares was destroyed, it was at the hands of any robot but never of another Ares.

Think about it. Stupid child -_-

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