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Vincent Ling

Vincent Ling4 months ago

First thing...Congratulation with the 5th Anniversary WarRobots. Now with new update 5.0 so many changed havebeen made. One of the wonderful thing is upgrade cost reduce 25% it very helpful while we all know..its hard to get Ag from battles nowdays.the reward of Ag from battle shouldbe improve too,at least 25% same as the upgrade reduce Ag we can asume thats the perfect balance.the rest change in buff or nerf is not so effect. But...well...hell with Avenger get nerf by spreads of shoot by think Avenger is as same like thunder..? Making it likely spread weapon type...? I got 5 Avengers as my primary weapon in hangar...and all get NERF..! What Im suppose to fight in next battles to those all new advance robot you had released...thats really make me frustration. But..well..still I congrate to you WWR to get 5th anniversary with all your achievements so far...sincery UJFCRV androids.

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