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I'm a serious player, I'm invested in this game.

Metal INFIDEL7 months ago

Hey game developers... We don't need F**King pilots... I'm fine blowing a few hundred dollars here and there in this game but the pilots? PLEASE!.... YAWN!!! They are GENERIC A$$ looking characters I could care less about. I'm not going to spend gold on leveling up some Bozo looking reject GI Joe... IM THE F**King pilot, I'm the one with the money. I would definitely be impressed if new battlefields were introduced, or a first person view from the cockpit of each individual robot. That would really be awesome, but pilots? It is a bad idea from the get go... I have spent some serious cash in this game, I won't spend on pilots though... Remember, I AM THE PILOT, keep pissing players like me off and it's curtains for this game. I see how the number of players has decreased over time... It's because of S#!T like this... Make a more interactive hangar ( robot height, weight, little dudes working on the bot throwing sparks) , give each robot a cool cockpit view , add more battlefields... However the pilots are by far the STUPIDEST IDEA EVER!!! Everyone sees this as another gimmick to make more $. Some players are not as privileged as others,moreover I personally I found the idea of needing a pilot insulting, as to say I'm not the pilot now? Then who the F**k has been piloting my bots this whole time, WHO'S BEEN PAYING PIXONIC THIS WHOLE TIME? ME, and it's ME who might delete my account if this keeps going in this direction.

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