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Gmoney8 months ago

Edit- the 1 at L9 cost to go to L10 is 7.5mil and 1.5+ days, just to clarify that it is less than and correct compared to the other L8 to L9 wanting 13mil and 3+ days. I have paid into the system for gold sales in the past, never premium though and have no intent to even pay on the sales anymore until this is fixed. Databases across all platforms for their game do not match. I have a friend plays on Apple tablet and he does not see the issues I see on Amazon gamecircle tablet platform.
Please fix this mismatch! G$

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Gmoney8 months ago

Not a hater here. On Amazon it seems that the game is mismanaged. v4.8 is supposed to decrease timing to upgrade. Here is my case that was dismissed today as having 1 scourge older than July 2018 and the other newer. Not possbile since I didnt play until Sept 2018.
2 scourges, both at L8, showed 6mil upgrade, ok upgraded 1 fine. I then go to upgrade the other and NOW it shows the time is doubled to 3 day and the cost is 13 mil, not correct. The one that is now L9 shows a day and half at 7.5mil, seems right. Now I have a L8 scourge that they expect 13mil to go to L9? Nope. I even provided the screen shot showing the mismatched times and costs. Wow.
Being so $ driven and is now a very poorly managed game, it was better when I started last year. Brian Jaeger is the support person that even though I provided my game ID, didnt even look to see when I started, didnt look at the screenshots I provided, just gave the canned incorrect response. Sad I now have mismatched weapons unless I save forever to match them up.
So simple to fix the database to be correct, instead disrespect to the customer .
So Noel, if you blindly do amount of silver will ever suffice when the numbers randomly change as they see fit!

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