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JackK785 months ago

RIP Tridents. Such a stupid nerf. Tulumbas has splash radius around 23 m and orkan 12 m. Before update Trident has lower splash radius than tulumbas and now has the same as orkan??? WTF
Before update spectre with tulumbas was most dangerous than trident fury or bulwark. Therefore I do not understand it.

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JackK786 months ago

You also forget to mention that you decrease silver reward from battle approx. by 50 %. First place in victory battle, highest kills, more than million dmg and only approx. 250 thousands of silver? Are you kidding us??? Before update i commonly get around 500 thousands of silver.

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JackK786 months ago

The game need rebalance. Faster upgrade is useless if you have not enough silver and without VIP and more hours of playing you are unable to earn enough silver for upgrade.
Also there are few OP robots without any counters. Ares is too strong, too fast and extremely hard to kill if you know, how to play it. It has strongest ability in the game and there is no counter. Only Hellburner or Mercury can bypass his shield, but there is less chance to get too close to use their abilities. 8 s immortal with 16 s cooldown and last stand makes Ares extremely dangerous. Do you know whats happen if everbody use it especially in full hangar? RIP War robots.

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