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I am a Player in War Robots, I love to play this game for fun. I do own an Ares & a Nemesis.

F0XTRAUT8 months ago

So in Steam WR. I have an account that is in Silver 1 & is almost always facing Gold/Diamond Players in almost every fight; barely anyone from my own league. I find it quite hard to actually complete these battles, since these guys have equipment that are a couple levels above my own.

Also, it almost feels like the matchmaking in Steam WR is distorted. You would face people that are a couple leagues above you but no higher and sometimes in much lower leagues. Is it because there isn't a lot of people playing the game? or the matchmaking system is somewhat inaccurate? or does it search for players that are past my own league (i.e Searching for players not in silver league)?

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F0XTRAUT8 months ago

Platform: IOS
Give me a Dragon Robot, anyone.

Nice story, I'd like to be in the story though.

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F0XTRAUT8 months ago

Reduce the chance to get silver and increase equipment drop rates, so new players can actually get something useful from the bronze and silver chests without buying it from the store. Like an Orkan or Fury, without having to grind for gold as much.

We need players to "Like" This game, not Hate it.

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