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SlowDeathlast year

Haha. I read this latest article and am LMFAO. Wasn't it in December that they released a video saying new robots every 3-4 months and new weapons ever couple months? Lying again Pixonic?

Oh, and your changes to prevent people from dropping leagues in another silly attempt to patch your broken matchmaking system isn't working. What if I want to run all low level bots? Like level 1-2 destrier and cossack? I still drop down and then can load my premier lineup back in and seal club.

Yay me!

You are intentionally leaving a broken matchmaking system in place to generate revenue. All that is needed is to make matches based upon a simple math formula of the hangar ability to take and deal out damage. That's all.

Everyone (except the newbies) know why you won't fix your you can continue to generate more revenue. How's that working? Saw you were down to 182 in Google Play Games revenue and also noticed the wait times are getting silly long.

Losing players? Yea, I'd say so. When I wait 4 and 5 minutes for a beacon rush match to start (no, I"m not in LPQ) and then get into matches with Diamond 3 players (I'm in Silver 1), that tells me people are tired of your B.S. and your game.

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