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Gotcha7 months ago

I disagree with Mr. “backtothefront” - people choose to spend their own money, as I do because this game is fun. Good choices to the above changes with the new update. Sorry people are sad for their decisions up to this point because they are invested now. But the pilots sound like they are going to make things more interesting and a lot more dynamic and provide some depth. If you guys have a heart for a long time follower, here is my info:
All I ask for is one Redeemer.
Love you guys.
- (pilot) Gotcha

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Gotcha9 months ago

I like this. A cool way to explain some strategy and provide some depth. This made me think of an idea, no so well thought out, but an idea...

What would you say to satellite drones? Like animal themed mini-bots that had minor benefits. There could be a bird (eagle) that adds proximity benefits where within 50M it could dive bomb on command. There could be a tortoise that adds protective measures say when a Red gets within 50-100M it could blockade their ability to approach for 5 seconds. The possibilities are endless: a wolf, tiger, arachnids, Komodo dragons, rhinos, etc. But the catch is that they would be organic to the bot itself. Say Falcon can only acquire the eagle. Rhino can only have the tiger. Lancelot can only have the lion. So on and so on. But this upgrade can only be “achieved” and not purchased. That way it is more a right of passage, or meritorious, and shows more merit once you’ve earned it rather than just a meaningless purchase that anyone could have.

Just an idea that this story made me think of.

Best Regards,
Pilot: Gotcha

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