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ChaosBudz9 months ago

Update looks alright, still waiting. how about y'all pay out for the Christmas challenge video I put almost 6 hrs into that, I won and still haven't received anything, if theres a challenge maybe you should prepare yourselves to pay them out instantly not over a month wait that's insane otherwise, look forward to playing against the new bots I snipe little sh*ts out the sky all the time with my tridents thank you and keep on improving take notes from other comments like the one about #paytowin now iam not innocent I've paid you enough lol but if you wanna be rich its not grabbing at people pockets its making the system work like nobody's feeling robbed or forced to buy something to play a game. Look at pubg or fortnite them people making bank a lot more then you get on there lvl they aren't out there like gimme gimme gimme like me right now gimme gimme gimme my robot and 40mil silver like goddamn its been a wait for that- Facebook Gameroom - HA2BEQ - Ares thank you and keep up the semi-positive direction work :D

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