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tiger10925last year

i have an idea some people might hate but they need to make another falcon like robot (a falcon bulwark?)

(must be capitalized full name because it's epic)

a falcon with the ability to have a aegis energy shield and deal deal greater damage but it losses all resistance (and takes 2x the damage (that way it's not overkill))

and give it to everyone (or at least give me one because it was my idea please) (preferably everyone for a present for the holidays because it is the time for giving not taking everything away)

(Platform: facebook gameroom ID: RV8UNX)

it will have 5 light weapons 1 main 4 more will pop out with the claws out ability (claws out is like the bulwarks on/off ability (shield will only repair when off) the eagle can not jump like the falcon)

it would be a light robot (hp 60k at lvl1) (speed 40km/h at lvl1) (shield 60k at lvl1) (hp 120k at mk1 max) (speed would be 60km/h at mk1 max) (shield is 120k at mk1 max)

(also please bring back the keys everyone got way to upset about losing them and a lot of people have been quitting from the drop boxes having no keys (i for one most likely won't quit))
i want the keys back too but quitting isn't the anwser

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