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༺.•༈ℜΔΘӇ༈•.༻10 days ago

Pixonic, you guys gotta stop screwing with the economy... I am getting screwed out of all the items I purchased from 3.9 (2 exoduses, 2 sparks and A Bulwark) because of the economy change scare in update 4.0! All those timers started at 5hrs and were told that anything purchased before 4.0 would be 'grandfathered' in for upgrade cost and timers when they should have had an initial reduction or introduced in 4.0 to reflect that cost.

Now those items purchased after 4.0 get a reduction and i am stuck with the original cost! NOW THAT IS NOT FAIR! You guys really want me to stop playing/paying for this game and move on...

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༺.•༈ℜΔΘӇ༈•.༻10 days ago

That's not as bad as buying an Exodus, Spark and A Bulwark that were introduced right before the 4.0 economy update, then scare you into obtaining before the econ changes only to have the same fuqin timers as if you purchased them after 4.0!
Then to change the timers on those items in this new update for those that got them after 4.0...WTF!

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༺.•༈ℜΔΘӇ༈•.༻11 days ago

The adjusted percentages for the timers of items obtained after update 4.0 have not been applied to everything. I refuse to upgrade items and waste silver and gold for an inflated upgrade. Please fix this ASAP!

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