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LIARS4 days ago

The are several very good robot battle alternatives to War Robots


Happy Holidays everyone.

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LIARS6 days ago

War Robots has dropped to 110 from 99 just a few days ago

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LIARS10 days ago


Go ahead. Don't listen to your players.

Introduce Modules and watch your player base and revenue drop even more!

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LIARS10 days ago

Indeed thes changes are hurting WWR's revenue.

In between the 2 hours I visited the page WWR went from 97 to 99.

On IOS, WWR is at 135 behind The SIMS. A game that's been out for decades. LOL

On that note, you think Pixonic will evaluate the way they keep changing the game and the impact on revenue and ask why an old game like the SIMS has higher revenue?

NAAAAA, probably not.

(Psssttttt Pixonic. It has something to to with feature management, building trust and customer loyalty.)

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LIARS11 days ago

I went to the Black Market and did a spin of the "Wheel" with my 500 event keys.

Everyone's complaints are justified if my experience is what most players experience when they spin. Out of the 49 spins I used, 40 of them were either 10k or 12k silver. Over 80% of the time you're going to get the lowest B.S. awards available.

What a rigged P.O.S. experience.

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LIARS11 days ago

A shout out to John Stuart, who wrote about Robot Warfare in his post.

All I can say is a good game with a lot of promise. Comes in at 230MB and the graphics are far better than you would expect, given that WWR is what, about 700+MB?

The controls and gameplay is something that WWR players will acclimate to very quickly. Plenty of variety in bots and weapons. LOW COSTS FOR EQUIPMENT! 5-10 USD.

Check it out Pixonic and be afraid. Be very afraid. It's what WWR should have become.

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LIARS12 days ago

This game is going the same road as other once great but now defunct or barely surviving games have gone. Pixonic is caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place.

It appears that most of the pilot community is tired of the bait and switch and it will take months and months for the bad experience to be forgotten. So even if Pixonic were to do things differently it would take a very long time for revenue to recover.

Take the latest OP Pantheon robots. If Pixonic doesn't nerf them (as they've done with nearly all robots in the past 2 years they've released) then the people who purchase them will continue to be happy, but the majority of the pilots will not be. In fact we would be so unhappy the few of us who still have hope would quit playing.

That being said, nothing indicates that Pixonic will change their business model one bit. They will go on and continue to see revenue decline, implementing even more bizarre gimmicks and content on an even faster pace to try to get those who are still spending to spend more (does this now look/feel/sound familiar to anyone?).

I just don't see this game reversing anytime soon because of the time required to turn around player opinion and regain trust. The question I ask myself now is if this game will still be around in 2020.

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LIARS13 days ago

I should add in all the battles I was either 4th down to 6th position in damage. I would have been lower except for tankers!

Yes Fukkedxonics, you recall fixed the tanking problem!

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LIARS13 days ago

Matchmaking is so fu@@ed up now its comical.
Wanted to change up my hangar and wemt with vityaz and.golem lineup at level 6 with level 6 weapons. Thought at diamond lll I would quickly drop down to gold lll or silver 1. Oh how wrong I was.
Because of all the asinine tweaks to prevent tanking,, I found that I was only getting - 5, to - 3 league points.

To make things worse,, in some battles I would actually get +1 to +3 points if I happened to come up against a diamond 1 player with MK2 robots.

Nice going Fukedxonic. You've really made this game lots of fun to play!

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LIARS17 days ago

Well gang, I just tried the COMPONENT CONVERSION. One word describes itb


Why? Because, the conversion rate is 2.5 to 1 plus you have to pay MILLIONS on silver.

I tested this by going from mender to mercury and then back again. Each time I converted 250 to 100 and was required to pay over 1million for the "convenience".

Nice job Pixonic. Always finding new ways to screw the players!

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LIARS18 days ago

Pixonic the gold pricing for some of the equipment is badly out of balance based upon the damage and ability of the equipment.

Example: 1500 gold for a hydra. One of the weakest weapons on the game.

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LIARS18 days ago

The logic and reasons you guys give for these changes are not based upon facts or reason. .

The logic you use to justify the changes is nonsense.
It's obvious all these changes are just to get people to spend money to buy equipment and upgrades.

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LIARS18 days ago

One more thing pixknic, absolute insane reasoning for changing the workshop entry point to level 20.

You claimed it was because 93% of components went to old time players.

If course they did, because they can buy components in 400 unit increments and have most their workshop slots open!

If you REALLY intended to help the new players get component equipment faster you would have LOWERED the level the workshop became available, not raised it.

This change does exactly the opposite of what you claim you wanted it to do. All part of the plan, right? (Nudge, nudge. Wink, wink)

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LIARS18 days ago

Unfortunately, they are covered under their terms of service.

It basically says they can change any part of the game at any time.

This is how they get away with releasing overpowered equipment and then beefing it after Sucker Newbies, I mean Players, spend money on it.

But they are slowly killing their player base off doing this.

Thie thing I enjoy most about the game now is not playing it, but watching the changes with each new release and seeing Pixonics pathetic attempts to fleece more money out of the unsuspecting.

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LIARS18 days ago

And what happened to their promise for big changes to matchmaking and that they would fix matchmaking.
More empty words.

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LIARS18 days ago

Nothing good can be said about this update.

Just 2 months ago you said we could buy everything with silver or with silver through components. Guess that you weren't making any money on people buying gold so you changed it back.

Workshop sucks. No way for me to see costs for 100/200/400 components for each item now when all my workshop slots are busy.


Only fools would spend real money on the new robots and weapons. WHY? Because of what I see as unethical business practices. For the past 2 years this is what you do.

1. Release new overpowered robot. Even though everyone on the test server said it was way over powered.
2. Let the community complain for about w months, but don't change the equipment yet because it is your cash cow.
3. Proclaim to the community that "we hear you", and that you'll be nerfing the equipment in the next release.
4. REPEAT CYCLE with the next set of equipment.

TERRIBLE BUSINESS PRACTICE. This is why long time players have been leaving the game and new players don't stay long.

This is why it takes so long to get matches and often battles are filled with computer generated players using hell burners, Leo, Natasha and fury that just run from left to right and then aren't regenerated once killed.

Pixonic, you ARE killing off this games player base!

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