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K.o.0 wr

K.o.0 wr3 months ago

Please select the winners for the top 7 most liked comment giveaway on youtube, you said winners will receive bots in 7 days, 10 days passed and still no winners

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K.o.0 wr8 months ago

That is actually a great update, haters will always say it is bad but in my opinion it's a good step torward a better and more enjoyable game.
I'm glad to see that you finally did something for the economy, now it will be possible to upgrade weapons and robots in a more reasonable time and cost.
With the economy that came out in july newer players had huge problems and quitted game because of too long times and costs.
High end players also had problems because To keep up with meta they need to upgrade stuff to mk2 lvl12, and if it takes 2B silver and 400+ days for a single robot+weapons it is too hard.
I'm sure now more players will be willing to play this game and some players will come back, that is good for both players and pixonic.
I have a question: does this update affect weapons and robots that got purchased after july 5th? So new economy? If that is true it will be a huge plus to this update, I really hope that's the case.
Great job and keep listening to players as you did lately with royale and now with that economy update

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