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Germán Massa

Germán Massa2 years ago

I can think of some ideas. A very good one is to add a chat in combat, but in the mode of quick messages, preseted in different commands, similar to those of rocket league that are even translated automatically into the language of each player. That would make it dynamic as the game pretends to be. I thought about it because I've seen that several players try to communicate by shooting because they can not speak. Another idea is to balance the robots better, although your business is to earn money, I respect it, but the best games and more summoned are not "pay for win", the Counter Strike for example, it is gratifying for different players to feel in the same conditions as the opponent to enjoy the game. If you think about it, you will lose your income in the short term, but in the long term you will surely increase by the number of new players! That is my opinion, I hope it serves you! Greetings, Germán Massa, from Argentina.

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