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play smart and within your means Lvl 12 MK2 Golem > Lvl 9 Griffin

[.SK]Sokar.svk9 months ago

This is a good update and I'm happy about it.
As a maxed out Invader player, I'm now going to take a minute of silence for the red teams.

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[.SK]Sokar.svklast year

Great idea, but why double Destrier upgrade time? One would think you can pull more of the low tier bots into gameplay by shortening their upgrade times, not increasing them. Same for cost on the low tier bots, one does not acquire the amount of silver needed to max out Destrier in a Bronze league. Yet I'd like to see them maxed out occasionally.

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[.SK]Sokar.svk2 years ago

The noise of bullets hitting metal suddenly stopped and the punishers slowly stopped spinning. For a moment, peace and quiet seemed to return to the dried savannah. A loud thud broke the brief silence, a trident Butch with armor plating reminiscent of swiss cheese has hit the ground, creating a cloud of dust. Beside it lay the carcasses of other robots, lifeless. Quiet again. Several sparks jump out as a ball of tumbleweed hits a large energy shield. The shield turns of. Squeeking hinges. 4 legs start moving forward in a coordinated, spider-like fashion. On this robot, a paintjob once glamorous, now rusty. Traces of bullets left like scars and bearing one message. Do not mess with the Red Dragon Fujin.
ID OG9FY4, platform FB Gameroom.

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[.SK]Sokar.svk2 years ago

I like this concept. I see why gold is not included, smart marketing move, I don't mind it.

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