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Pseudowurm6 months ago

please dont put this out. I also cannot keep up with the new updates. I barely have been getting the new things released just two months ago, and that was only because of lucky royale rolls. otherwise I cant afford all this stuff, that gets more expensive, and harder to earn resources for. please slow down. please.

just so it is clearly understood, I can just throw an easy estimate out there. Pretend there are 5000 players in this game that play tournaments, or have extra money to throw down every update. if they drop $200-$300 per robot per toy per gold and silver pack to upgrade in order to stay relevant every new update ($500 per person on average) that equals $2,500,000 per update in their pockets, do it 5 times a year now you just made $25,000,000. I'm sure this is conservative, but they are great marketers. Free to play game producers are not gamers, or people, they are simply sharks. As long as you play this game, you should understand that, and not expect anything from them. They are paying for yachts, mansions, etc. The guys that make the game work, the artists, engineers, and programmers get a pittance of that total income. The sharks at the top have made their team believe they are doing a great thing with a great game, and they put their heart into it. This is not a new thing. This happens frequently across the phone gaming market, and in the desktop and console gaming market before that. Good games get gobbled up by people who want to wring it dry of the money then move onto the next money making scheme once they are done screwing it up: see Activision, EA gaming. We as gamers have a tendancy to find a good game and play it, and stay loyal longer than we should. It is our fault for continuing this trend, becuase good games are just so hard to find. "Maybe next update they will fix this, or that, " "I have so much invested and it can still be fun."

Either play it or don't. Spend money or don't. The rich top 1% of the world could care less about you.

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Pseudowurm7 months ago

This is my one year anniversarey, and the game has changed dramatically since I started playing. I have seen the economy change a lot, and I agree with what most say, that the owners really like a profit. I can't blame them, they are a company, and those are to make money. I also agree with what most also say, that the game is a very great game. I think if the owners curbed their desire for profit just a wee bit it could help. I honestly no longer spend money on the game in large quantities becuase it is a high investment for low gain. Soon I will probably invest in a true game from another developer becuase it takes far too long to grow my inventory in here anymore. I literally did 75% of my growth on this game in the first 8 months, but recent economical changes have made the last 4 months slow progress to a crawl. I have a family of 4 and we all play this but it is impossible to level up anything anymore becuase it is atronomically expensive and slow, and we are all losing interest. We are ready to buy 3 more PC's and a new gaming platform than deal with this. We will do this once we save our money, money this company is not going to get. They surely arent worried about small fry like us since thery have league players and children who drop $200-300 regulalry, so really there wont be change.

I play on my phone, but I am a desktop gamer originally and play this on emulator often. I found a version of this on steam, and would love to see it adaptable for the desktop or transferrable, but there is not any plans or desires for it.

I appreciate the new workshop, but the new times are just too long

The reduced times are still too long for upgrades

what was wrong with 12 player FFA? that was fun!

the DoT weapons are cool

STEALTH IS JUST TOO MUCH TOO OFTEN! there must be a weapon that can counter it, not a new robot that disables it, but a stealth breaking weapon you can buy and disables it from being used. Far too many times I find that matches are just dumb when I get killed by a spectre that spawns at a beacon. No fun at all.

please make the map queueing more random, so that you can't play the same map withing 3 rounds, sometimes I'll play on the same map 3-4 times in a row, same thing with modes in random to prevent it being the same mode repeatedly.

please bring back king of the hill, and more modes

thank you for QoL on chests, and selectable modes!

For clan leaders can we have the ability to track activity since a certain time frame? when they joined the clan? last time logged in?

thanks for your time!

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