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Pilot WereGenie

Pilot WereGenie 6 months ago

Stupid enter key, I was trying to add that even after the economy changed, after gold was taken from Royale, and the workshop was changed to increase production time and cost I still hung on, but not now. I ground out the silver to get a Lancelot when WS 2.0 first opened and have kept grinding to get it to lvl 8. But now, I have no easy access to WIFI which is how I played the game, and No access to gold (Royale 2500 AU prizes) twice boosted my hangar upgrades) and with the cost increase to upgrading Lancelot, and no way to afford a second Rhino (built with WS1) my hangar is now gutted. I CANNOT play enough to grind out the silver for the new costs, so I NO LONGER HAVE AN INCENTIVE TO PLAY.

Thomas Wall jr
Pilot WereGenie 019MH9 Android

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Pilot WereGenie 6 months ago

Frankly I am horrified at the changes. Since the economy change in July, I have struggled to keep up. I am homeless, and unemployed, living in a shelter in Knoxville, Tn called KARM (Knox Area Rescue Ministries). Now I will have NO access to Rhino, Galahad or Avenger, just three of the items I had listed for WS 2.0. I have NO income, so short of someone giving me money I will never have 2000+ gold in this game. Thank you very much Pixonic, you just destroyed my favorite game.

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