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soemguy7 months ago

People who quit from this game has just made a very good decision. This game will no longer improve because pixonic is very focused on monetisation so please, uninstall the game and go find another. If you think upgrading your bots & weapons will improve you game, i say no. You see those "£0.99" and "£4.99" everyday that gives you 400-600 au, this makes you buy it everyday thinking you can use it to upgrade/ buy better bot but i dont think so. After a month, those microtransaction you made add up to maybe £100-£200 but its wasted cuz the matchmaking is still shit . Trust me, this game will waste your time when you think you can be better and you get enjoyment.

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soemguy7 months ago

You only have less than 1 second when spectre-orkan attacks you so i stopped playing the game cuz it's pointless trying to win. I only have one Inquisitor and others are silver bots, my Inquisitor is still at level 4 yet I always get matched up with mk2 players even when my silver bots are too old.

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soemguy7 months ago

9 out of 10 (probably) of my games have spectre.
It easily dominated the game and most players including me have 0 fight against it. This discouraged me to stop playing further more because it is pointless trying to win a game with skills only though I have one Inquisitor and other silver bots.
I have decent skills as I have been playing since the release of the game, yet I see players now especially spectre players hide forever till stealth jump is up. I dont see the point of putting patience towards these kinds of players because the game is only 10 minutes long. In this case these players are now moving up the ranks because of the simple strategy; hide, jump and shoot then hide and run with 55km/h.

The constant release of component bots & weapons made wallet warriors, though less skilled moves up to the ranks. I respect wallet warriors with their skills. I respect that the game is focused on making profits because I checked the pixonic website and it says it's focused on monetisation. There is a problem, I dont see veteran players getting valued. Theres is one thread or a comment section where a player says about old players getting left out and the the reply from pixonic is shocking. It is a two paragraph reply but to summarise it- theys say that paying (players) customers are more important than free players.

It's more than three years that i've been very attached to this game but im not a hardcore player to easily catch up with players with £300 bots(or more). Every player has something to do with their life aside gaming. War robots doesnt give back life-lasting benefits to a player for spending £1000, only a satisfaction to destroy a virtual robot. When this game dies out, most players will not even have long - lasting memory of how good this game is. Playing this game further with a broken matchmaking is pointless. Please, hear me out and uninstall the game. GO find a better game, the one you find enjoyable because YOU deserve it.

Veteran player 71NFG0 exiting out.

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soemguy11 months ago

Dash bots should be nerfed sooner like... Wheres the logic when those bots are dashing backwards while the thrusters are facing the other way????

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soemguylast year

Pixonic's CEO is like Tim Cook, both are businessmen focused more on profit than their supporters(customers,players). Your comment couldve hit some nerve.

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