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John Davis

John Davis2 years ago

I have a new account already level 30 and it’s insane that it is almost diamond League 1 with workshop level 12. I do not have a single taran on my account yet. The magnum and taran are basic energy weapons yet the 200/400 component builds in WS2.0 are not unlocked until WS level 23+. That has got to be a huge oversight. Orkan is available in quantities over 100 components early on, but not taran. I have kept my WS bust since it was opened, but it is to the point that I have to build things I don’t even need, just to level the WS. And it levels so slowly now due to the huge increase of WS times we have now. Please look into this and make weapons available in 100/200/400 component batches at appropriate levels.

xCHIEFx Gaming

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