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Gamer#243 months ago

Guys please fix the silver payouts, they are just too low and a lot of silver and gold is needed. And the match making I mean c'mon I expected these issues to be fixed before 4.6 arrives and still nothing WTF!! a lot of people are just quitting, so many of my friends have just left 😡😡😡😡😡

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Gamer#245 months ago

Guys give better rewards for being in higher leagues, at least so the tankers will loose a good reward and honorable pilots will get what they deserve.

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Gamer#246 months ago

I just want to say: pixonic you're messing things up. You should boost the other stuff instead of nerfing specific ones. And now the "new" workshop takes forever, the most stupidest way to improve the economy of the game. You're just pissing your clients... I quit.

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