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Sash K.

Sash K.5 months ago

I'll play Robot Warfare for now till Pix fixes that module activation button positioning. Can't play normally ever since it was introduced

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Sash K.5 months ago

Did you have to place module button right next to weapn and right in the area I use to rotate Torso without shooting. Am I the only one who uses that zone, or Pixonic just used heatmap of the screen and placed the button there on purpose that people keep wasting those free cells and then move it.
I think it's time to try other robot games games.

Can't you guys just stop messing around and let people enjoy game longer befor you mess up the game next time?

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Sash K.8 months ago

My first ever comment. I've been a Mech Warrior fan and still are. Yet, this game opened whole new universe that can be expanded so much more. But these new patches, updates, new toys every few weeks seem like drive people crazy. Who are those idiots that feel like workshop times are unreasonable? I'd put 7x62 in their heads. In fact, where are you getting this feedback from?

I'll admit that I never paid a cent for this game, and still loved it. But one thing that drew me crazy is a lack of testing and implementing rediculously overpowered weapons or bots very frequently.
By the time you get one weapon purchased and upgraded 1/2 way, you already see 5 new on the field and 3 new bots that render your effort useless. BALANCE AND TEST BEFORE YOU RUSH IT INTO PRODUCTION ENVIRONMENT. This unnecessary rush for quick money grab upsets those who pay and then loose the quality later on when it's rebalanced. And for FREE players like myself it's a constant frastration too, as we get hit by this as well.
Yes, latest rebalance made it a bit easy for us to counter Specters and Trains, but take more time to reach this in test, dont do this after.

Now, after upgrade times increased I dont really feel like we gained anything. You promissed much more silver intake, but the only way that I feel like we get silver is by not having ability to spend it more on upgrades.

Anod here come again, another increase in times on new workshop? Guys, I'll not be able to get anything and upgrade it in my life time.

To be honest, you'd probably attract more players by coming up with new game modes and play styles e.g. Some sort of a campaign...

Also, these leagues ar a major problem in the game. I keep on being bounced between two leagues for about 3 months several times a month. My hangar is being butchered in higher league and in lower one it seems to be fine. Work on some real bugs in the game and Just stop introducing new stuff so fast and experementing live on players' wallets

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