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Hritwik Ranjan

Hritwik Ranjan24 days ago

If you consider hellburner a free bot, then mercury should also be on your list as well as the Invader. Stop complaining just for the sake of it.

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Hritwik Ranjan24 days ago

Dude !!!!!!! Better late than never. I am welcoming this update. Thank you for caring for the f2p side as well. Can't wait to see the competitive scene emerge on this game as well

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Hritwik Ranjan5 months ago


I understand how you all feel about this change especially since I am also a f2p player. However, what I think Pixonic is doing by nerfing the workshop is that they will control the situation, let the economy stabilise and then gradually buff the workshop. If they really did want to leech money from us then they wouldn't have introduced the newer bots in the Workshop at all. At least, this is what I am hoping.

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