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Guru8 months ago

Workshop at max level can produce a robot/weapon in a month and on an average robots have 3 slots. 3 slots + 1 robot = 4 months for a robot. 20 months for 5 robots. Don't you think that that's too slow considering the fact that you are releasing new content at much higher pace. Now you are decided to get rid of Royal that was compensating those long production times. Here's a suggestion, If you are removing royal then decrease workshop times. Upgrade times is another major concern... The whole game is so slow.

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Guru9 months ago

Thank god you guys are looking into upgrade times... There's 1 more concern that now most of the equivalent is available for gold but how would they get that gold to buy new equipment. I am in expert league but still not able to unlock 5th slot bz gold no longer available in royal and hanger cost still the same. Its very rare.

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