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Screw The Pooch

Screw The Pooch5 months ago

To say matchmaking is a disaster in this game is an understatement. The changes implemented almost 2 years has been the embodiment of the word FAIL from the players point of view.

The feedback from the community has been clear from the outset, go back to the old system.

Regardless of what Pixinic has said, and said multiple times about "big changes coming", nothing has been done.

And nothing will be done.

You see, any change to matchmaking creating fair matchups would need to be made based upon potential damage and resistance to damage of a lineup. This would allow player skill to come more into play.

Example if I have 5 cossick at level 5 with level 2 punisher t and you have 5 cossick at level 2 with level 5 punisher t we should get matched.

Equal firepower and robot damage absorption should be matched based upon cumulative hangar score.

But the reality is Pixinic likes the current system as it is because it forces mismatches. The one described above does not. No mismatches, no frustration. No mismatch, More reliance on skill, less need to buy upgrades, new robots and guns. Imagine a lineup of all cossicks at any level in champions or masters league.

Pixinic can't either, which is why they've chosen the crappy array of patches in an attempt to stop tanking instead of overhauling matchmaking.

Priority 1: Revenue generation
Priority 2: player gaming experience

It hasn't occurred to Pixinic that 2 doesn't need to be sacrificed for 1 or they just don't case. Well, they won't care until the point has been reached that the player base has dwindled so much that matches up and down the various leagues can't be quickly filled with players. At which point it will be too late for Pixo to do anything.

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Screw The Pooch6 months ago

FYI PILOTS, here is two tanking strategies (out of a dozen available) which players still use.

Level 1 cossacks: A player changes their hangar to all, level 1 cossacks and weapons. Then charge into battle and do as little damage as you can. Because of the terrible matchmaking and league system your robots are quickly destroyed. Very quickly too. I've seen cossacks killed in less than 2minutes. Works best in team death match. USUALLY -17 to - 22 in league points

Minimal defense mode. Go into a, match, with your usual lineup. Select your robot and go, toward the highest concentration of enemy. Fire off only 1 burst and the the enemy quickly destroys you. Seen players use this and usually - 13 to - 22 in league points.

I've seen a lot of other methods effectively used too. As has Pixonic. The can't do anything about it.

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Screw The Pooch6 months ago



Such a terrible terrible system. Then they try to fix it so players can't tank games with their pathetic patches instead of fixing the core logic issues.

Case in point is preventing a player from changing a robot. Once upon a time you could change to another robot anytime in a game. But tankers were killing their robots so they could quickly finish a battle. So Pixonoc decides to put a 90 minimum play timer on each robot.

Nice, except when you are playing beacon rush and want to change your almost destroyed robot to a new one to prevent an enemy robot from capturing a beacon. NICE JOB PIXONOC. YOU PEOPLE ARE MORONS


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Screw The Pooch6 months ago

It's the same old story for this game, it's predictable. Release a new map every 8 or so months. Release new overpowered weapons every months and new kverpowered robots every 2-3 months

Then, even though everyone complained about the equipment being overpowered on the test server, wait a few months for the suckers, um, players to buy these OP POS (so you can make your revenue) before you then decide to nerd the equipment.

Repeat cycle.


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Screw The Pooch7 months ago

One additional item, get ride of the boosters in the Royal spin game.
Actually, get rid of boosters all together. It's is worthless and of not benefit other than for keys.

There is no benefit because your boosters artificially raise your average game damage and move you up to higher leagues faster. Once they run out your damage and resistance capabilities go back down and you find yourself facing overpowered opponents until you drop back down.

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Screw The Pooch7 months ago

I disagree, the economy is lixonics'revenue model economy. Anytime they use the word economy, I replace it with 'revenue model'. Then it makes perfect sense. :)

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Screw The Pooch7 months ago

Pixonic team,

Congratulations on slowly killing the game and losing players. Well done.

You think we do recognize that you fill out matches with 'ghost' pilots?

For those pilots who don't know what i am talking about, since there aren't enough players to fill out matches in the separate game modes, Pixonic inserts Natasha's and hellburner into the game. The hellburner typically just runs side to side until it blows itself up. Then your team is down to 5 active pilots because Pixonic's automation program doesn't respawn another robot.
The 'ghost' Natasha pilot is a bit harder to spot because it stays mostly stationary in one area and has noricum and zenits, like most real pilots use. HOWEVER, just like the hellburner, once the robot is distroyed a new robots isn't respawned.

Yes, so many players have left the game this is what Pixonic has resorted to..

Now they are making the component production times rediculously long that new players with lower powered bots can't be more competitive with the long time players faster. This wouldn't be needed if they would just fix matchmaking. How will this not negatively impact the game?

And then there is matchmaking (sigh). Pixonic has been saying they will fix this for over a year. It's not going to happen. As long as the current league system is kept and matchmaking is determined by league level and not the damage capability of your lineup this WILL NEVER BE FIXED. NEVER. Why?

Because you can switch out your lineup from all heavy bots to all level 1bots with level 1 weapons and have your entire hangar wiped out in less than 2 minutes. Once you're down to bronze 1 you shift your hangar back to your power lineup.

How do I know this works? Because I crafted the technique (the cossack method) and have been using it for more than 18 months. Never once have I been in the tanking queue.

Pixonic could fix all this if they went to a system based on hangar strength. But instead they choose to continue to make endless tweaks that do nothing to fix the core issue, the current system can be gamed.

Again Pixonic, well done. I haven't bought any weapons, robots or gold from you in over a year. I don't watch your stupid videos to get a sill 20 minute reduction time when the upgrades take days now. I no longer play the game on a daily basis because of your 'economic' changes.

To the point, you are making no money on me because there is less fun and more frustration in the game exlerience.

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