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Vastah Van der Blastah

Vastah Van der Blastah6 months ago

Good going Pixonic!
1) nerf most used bots and weapons
2) introduce new ways to get parts (hereafter called "smokescreen)
3) increase upgrade costs and time, because parts are now soo easy to get
4) decrease number of components freely obtainable, increase workshop costs and time

Extra incentive for players to buy gold and silver. All the reasons Pixonic has given over the last few months are sneaky ways to get more revenue. Players however have caught on and don't like to be treated as garbage.

Extra notes
- same meta, only more mercury, lock weapons and dragoon(+carriers)
- nothing done about matchmaker (what could be done that doesn't decrease income??)
- silence from helpdesk, but swear 1 time and you get a reply in minutes.
- sneaky changes to royale and swindle players out of gold.

Stan Vasiliev and Manny have touched tips for BattleRec account

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Vastah Van der Blastah6 months ago

No one is forcing you to play grandpa. Your game-show voice reminds me of a black and white tv douche with no money in his pocket, envious of the old times when turds like you managed to win a game or two. Eyeballing the fine young ladies on wealthier men's arms.

Don't get me wrong I get your point.. your sourness just doesn't get it across..
So sit tight in your old skool bot hating on the players while you should've hated the game, moved on and died in a ditch face down in shit.

I mean.. why do you even care? You in your own words is such a bad ass who laughs in the face of lockdown and stealth and overcomes them. How are you bothered by them? Pray tell you didn't get caught cornershooting like a gimp and then ate the full payload, you little skulking rat

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Vastah Van der Blastah8 months ago

The goose with the golden eggs..

Looking at this from your perspective I understand the need for making money and logically so. You are a company.

Now we, the customers, are the geese who lay golden eggs. As a young owner, we were taken care off and treated as golden egg laying geese. Some geese layed incredible big golden eggs (whales) other didn't lay eggs at all (f2p)

Now whales don't make up the entire income. Neither do f2p'ers leech it. The biggest income according to research comes from the midsection who spend fron time to time. 5 million people downloaded this game. About a million will spend from time to time.

This group generates your largest income. This is also the group that's being grand scale slaughtered at the moment. But no eggs were found.

You will keep a couple of whales because they are too invested moneywise. But the majority of players will start to leave or will already have left after "new" economy.

Don't get me wrong, I understand the businessman's need to make money and again rightly so. Yes the analysts will have analysed to what extent they can squeeze money. But make no mistake. Analysts deal in emotionalless data.

Waiting times and amounts of silver required are through the roof. Even with spending it takes too long and too much. The return for my cash spend is zilch to nothing. Therefore my attentionspan is dwindling. And, judging from 100 other replies I do not speak only for myself..

Attention span versus rewards.. my suggestion is you pay attention to it before this game collapes.

Already downloaded and played Battle of Titans and I've seen a hefty increase in players since "new" economy hit.

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Vastah Van der Blastah8 months ago

I'm grown up enough to say that if I offended you, I am truely sorry. This was not my intention.

You have to forgive me for my outburst hurting you / coming across as unrespectfull. I will stand by it, but let me rephrase and explain;

If one has the will and resources to pump money into this game, they end up with mk2 shocktrain hangars. Off course you will comment how these changes effect you. You and several others.
On the other side is a majority of players who don't and lack off a mode where they are safe from big investers.

If orkans or other "close up weapons" were powerfull the discussion would be different. Shocktrains however are not.
I do my outmost best moving from cover to cover to outsmart my opponnent, only to be killed because one of my teammates within 150 meter is not and gets hit 3 or 4 times by 4 spectres with shocktrains. I get chained and killed although I'm out of sight and behind cover in an.agile bot.

This is ridiculous.. I have done all I can to avoid damage and I get chained off. On large maps, this is a downright killer of fun.

And from there comes the frustration I vented at your comment. Now you took a hit and I got to gloat. And rub it in.
Childish? Maybe. But bear with me.

Why rub it in? Because we all deserve better than get frustrated and taking those frustrations out on each other like I did to you.

You didn't invent a broken weapon like the shocktrain. It is however your choice to exploit it and putting it on the map. As do others. Henceforth the meta is born.

I spend money too but it is my choice not to invest in shocktrains. I hate and despise them as they are. I hate the cowardly gameplay involved.

The solution is intervention.. nerf down the shocktrains, let other bots and weapons shine.
Don't feel bad. You have at your disposal still fearsome bots weapons and abilities. If you have skill, you will make them work. If not, then maybe invest in buffed weapons and bots.

Have a good one and once again, my sincere apologies for offending you.

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Vastah Van der Blastah8 months ago

Panzer, you are getting the point and I salute you for taking a hit like this and being so sportmanlike about it.

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Vastah Van der Blastah8 months ago

How about you sit back down in your ugly corner and stuff that mk.2 shocktrains where the light doesn't shine.

I just came out of a game where the oppossing team had 5 spectres with shocktrains jumping around the backline and that was it.

Pathetic n00b cocktrains no skill involved FYI we killed every last one of them.
But was it fun? NO
Should this be nerfed? YES

And if you payed money for it then that's too bad. Think of all the players that were spending but were run out of this game by the dullness of facing yet another spectre shocktrain build.

This was a long time coming, a good game and game designer tailor their mechanics to evolve their meta and make sure multiple options are viable.
Something Pixonic has been found wanting for a long time now. About time they cleaned up this mess.

As it stands, WWR evolves around spectres, either with shocktrains, hydras or with orkans. No other bot stands a chance anymore. This is destroying the player base.

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