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Delta1942 years ago

I'll just leave this here.
I could of said this about 2 months ago, but I don't want any hate.
You don't have to believe me.
Before Pix released the suppression bots, I gave them an idea for a new robot.
This robot is named Raider, a small spider bot, with two light slots. It was supposed to be basic enough to cost silver.
However, it's special ability called Poison, which it shoots poison missiles out of its back and corrodes its enemies health, was a terrible idea. The special ability, the # of slots, and even the name is similar, unless somebody already came up with the Rayker, which is fine. I'm curious if Pix actually took my idea, but transformed it into something else.

Happy Halloween btw

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Delta1942 years ago

I don't get it, why are you making this so hard for us players. Workshop 2.0 is made for get anything we want in for approximately 2 weeks. Getting 4 components for 3 days is fair enough, but you consider players getting 400 Dragoon components for more than a week an economy rebalance? Who is asking for these "rebalances"? Who would want to get a Weyland after wasting a month buying components? Certainly not me. Just because someone, LIKE YOU, makes a "brilliant" idea, will not always solve a problem completely, but instead makes it worse. In other words, if an solution cannot eliminate a problem, it will either backfire, or simply be ineffective.

And also, what mistakes did you make when Workshop 2.0 came out? All you said was, "We underestimated the impact of the new Workshop in the game economy." How do you think the impact of the new Workshop was to begin with, everybody loved it, anyone could get a Magnum less than a day. But you robbed the one opportunity that everyone had, is to provide an easy way for everyone to build the stuff they want, and the purpose of Workshop 2.0 is proof of that. Lets say you released that economy "rebalance", and I am a Gold League III player. And Wow! After wasting a month buying components, I finally have my first RDB Bulgasari, now upgraded at Lvl 3, and my Tulumbases at Lvl 6,. Ok let's go to battle! So I first used my Bulgasari in Team Deathmatch in Valley, minutes later and out of nowhere, another RDB Bulgasari dashes out of the corner and incinerates my Bulgasari into obilivion. It turns out that this player has the same bot, but it is completely maxed out. Have you noticed that before update 4.0 was released, there were tankers that already had maxed out Universal Bots. It wouldn't be fair if these lower-league players like them who have worked so hard to get these things only for it become useless. Oh and how long does it take to upgrade a Bulgasari now? 64 days. That's about 2 and half months to level up to Lv12.

Almost anyone who has been crushed by the Universal bots hate them very much. And I understand that. Even I own these bots too, but they are not as powerful as you assume. They not even maxed out. And I did not pay hundreds of dollars to get these, all because of constant playing. The nerfs added to Bulgasari and Haechi are fine, but I'm a bit concerned with the nerfs for the Spectre. I don't like the 2 second stealth duration because the Spectre was made to be able to retreat from enemy fire not just from its speed, but also its stealth duration. It relies heavily on its stealth ability. And with the 2 second duration, there Is less time where to retreat, making it dead meat. It may not require skill to use a Spectre (or any OP bot you can think of), but it does take skill to kill it.

Anyway, here is some advice for WR.

* Give Spectre a 4 or 3 second stealth duration
* Leave Workshop 2.0 as it is
* Buff the THUNDER
* Add gold rewards to Supply Line or Supply Drop, and WR Royale
* Decrease the upgrade times of anything that takes over 29 to 64 days to level up
* Leave tankers at a minimum at Expert League
* Scroll all of these comments and see what they all have to say.

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Delta1942 years ago

I'll be honest, the update is bad. Not terrible nor good, I understand that you want to give older bots and a handful of the newer ones like the Bulwark a better purpose, and I love it. But you really didn't have to nerf the Spectre, Haechi, and Bulgasari that much. In fact, I only reason I love using them is because they are so fun to use, even if they not as powerful as the ones used in Champion League. But yet there is always that one bot that's going to take over the entire battlefield. Cough Cough Falcon. Think about those players in the Middle/Higher Leagues, like me, who have spent thousands of time and effort to get the stuff they desire before you added update 4.3. Is it still WORTH it to upgrade them for more than a month, or even getting them in the first place? That is my question for you Pixonic.

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