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iBunting6 months ago

Personally, this update seems to going in favor of the pilots now, although they will need to nerf the mayhem of the Ares and the Greek Robots... and here's why:
1. Their shield is impenetrable, which means that no matter how much damage output goes directly on that shield, it repels it. Which then transfers it into energy to make more damage with the built-in weapons. SO. This could be good and bad, I mean there are some robots out there that have too much damage output (e.g. Spectre) And so that makes these robots ideal for a counter robot... while this could be bad for the people who don't have the durability or speed to out maneuver the Pantheon Robots, because most of them consist of decent speed and damage.
2. Now I'm not saying War Robots is bad... but there are some things they are ignoring that needs to urgently be altered soon. And the Greek Bots is one of those things because right now in the game, these Pantheon Robots are dominating because of their abilities and because of their general strength of firepower and speed. Maybe nerf these robots for the future.

Remember this is my personal opinion of the Pantheon Robots, because, well... yeah there a little too powerful

Sincerely iBunting

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