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I’m ok at the game... I have a painted hover with 2 vortexes and an aphid, a haechi with 3 storms (level 7), and a carnage with 2 level 7 avengers . I also have a level 11MKII stalker with 2 level 8 gusts. 13 is my top kills in 1 round and 1,500,000 damage is my highest.

Icywarhammer5006 months ago

I know this page is old, but if you can get ahold of 2 avengers, put them on a carnage and kill 4 Orkan Spectres in ffa

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Icywarhammer50011 months ago

The thing is, root chance still needs to be decreased to like 3% for pulsar and 4% for shredder

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Icywarhammer50011 months ago

Wait I did recommend that when upgrade them that the root chance increases... did u add that because I said that or was it already gonna be in? I wanna know XD

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