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jayman2 years ago

still feeling unfortunate I missed the area when u could get a whole haechi from only silver chest

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jayman2 years ago

i just want to know why you guys put up a test server when you don't give a fuck about people's negative feedbacks, and why you put up a comment section in your forum and dont give a fuck about reader players' feedbacks...Maybe that Russians don't read English is the reason? and all of these are just some random Joe you found somewhere to help your translate all your idiocies and that's it?

No matter how many economy changes you put out there, no matter how many videos you upload advertising new stuff, you will always get hated and always on the path of death because of your non transparency---Pixonic

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jayman2 years ago

Don't be like a whining baby!
Battle of Titans open beta is now available for Android, and now it's cross platform between Android and IOS

Check it out and dump this shii!

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