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FireBringer 11 months ago

Wallet tankers will be the only ones who can affors this. Its a new way for pixo to hurt the freeplayer.

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FireBringer 11 months ago

What kind of drugs are you pumping in your veins pixo? Oh yeah, money. Greedy selfish rich exects that thirsts for money. Do you even care about your players or just the ones that give you money? Keep ruining your game. It was awesome but since update 3.0 its been decending into a disgrace. And now with this new development it'll just suck. Plain and simple. What are you gonna do when all your free players leave? Your favorite wallet warrior clans wont have anyone to bully when they drop thier league to tank. And thats another thing, every season a player should only be allowed to drop 2 league levels. (Gold 2 down to silver 3 and no more as an example.) Then your lovely wallet tankers can cry "oh boohoo i cant compete because i have no skills and all i know what to do is beat up new players thay dont know what they are doing".

And your making freeze guns for the biggest turds out there? Which we all know youll sell for big bucks. The players are onto you.

I believe in you programmers. I believe that you will do the right thing and not let this happen let this happen.

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