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Simon May9 months ago

Generally means 'to be advised', but I'd have thought they'd know when they were starting their own event...

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Simon Maylast year

The 'new, extended' upgrade times are absolutely ridiculous! And gear easier to get? I'd have to strongly disagree here as well! It's was, and is, even more so now, the upgrade times that hold players 'back' from progression. I understand the mechanics behind what you have done, and would have to say you are trying to 'milk' this game for everything you can. The ONLY thing, I can see here, and by all means, correct me if I'm wrong, is that the 'wallet warriors' pay more gold to reduce their upgrade times, in turn, increasing your revenue. As far as I can see it, there is no other logic to suggest why you thought this was the correct direction.
Also, you claim that gear and bots are easier/cheaper to get? Personal experience over the last 3-4 weeks tell me much the opposite. I am now, for the last week and a half or so now, only getting silver and the odd tokens from bronze chests, and the drops from silver have gone much the same way. Over the last 4-6 weeks, I have managed to Aquire 2 heavy slot weapons, a few geckos, a couple of magnums, (which I am most grateful for), BUT, I also now have 9, yes, that's right, NINE Jesse bots! What on earth am I meant to do with 9?...
Please, please, put the times back, and increase the silver cost or something...if you play regularly, which ultimately SHOULD be your priority here, the cost of silver is not an issue. The balance, to me anyway, seemed a little 'out', as it was. The time of upgrades is killing my progress, not the procurement of items! Always have things to upgrade, and am always sitting on WELL over 50mill. In silver... To put it into a language I am SURE you will understand. Put the times back, put the drop rates, on both the supply drop keys, AND the bronze, silver and gold chests to what they were late April, early may. Put the cost in silver UP by around 1/4-1/3 of what was for the upgrading of items. This should then go somewhere towards 'balancing things' a bit, for the following reasons.
1; it encourages game play, for the need to obtain silver. It can still be bought, so you shouldn't loose any revenue.
2; it keeps those of us not in a position to be throwing, what I would have to guess at over $75-$100 dollars per week, no doubt more in some cases, interested and engaged, as there are more items to upgrade, than there is still realistically time for.
3; it keeps your revenue rolling in, as silver can be purchased, for those that choose, or are able to, pay, rather than play, much like I see it now.
4; if silver is an issue for low level players, leave the first 5 levels or so as is, and start ramping up the cost from there.
Rant over...I have just looked back over my novel, and realised how much I have actually written here...
I'm out...
Ow, 1 last thing, can you please look at the supply drop giveaways on gameroom? I, and I'm pretty sure I am not the only one going by the comments around this on your FB site, have not received a single chest the last 5 times I have managed to see the post. All well within the time frame, as I posted the time when making the post. As they are ALWAYS announced at 12:00 midnight, my local time, am sure you can appreciate the frustration when nothing gets delivered.
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