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Showf169 months ago

War robots team thank you for amazing experence. 😎
Guys here i talk about skrimish which contain bots comination with some intersting combination with halo corona and glory.
So i suggest
1 mender with halo and glory
2 raven halo scurge
3 hell burner ancil with halo
4 falcon with glory and corona
5 bulwork with 2 golory
6 strider with ember and halo or glory with spark i have tried test server and its very effective and we give name is arc damage or stoping arc

If you not like some interesting skrmish are under:

1 We have fury vs bulwork with some high speed dash and new weapon included and we named as heavy dashes or massive attackers

2 Full squad of falcon and falcon have 2 heavy and 2 medium weapon and its first time in wr history that any bot have 2 heavy and 2 medium slot named as falcon fights

3 any bots with 4 heavy slots and all are active

All weapons mk2 mak to enjoy new stuff

About maps so we include medium and small maps like carrier valley rome deadcity or even powerplant

Game modes are king of the hill with 4 beacons TDM and becon rush

Pixonic if you support me a little i want mk2 battle record account to grow my youtube well you guys understand that every thing have start which is worst but one day it become the best.

Well pixonic i think you like my ideas of skrimish

My plateform is ANDROID

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Showf16last year

Hi every one .
Pixonic i will support on this new ui but addtition to this i have many new concept too.
1: hide energy shield when a player apporches with energy shield many player make unfair use of it and drain energy shield before the fight.
2: add the alert system when we are fighting with other player some player are fighting from back and some player capture becon when you are busy with other and we dont know when then captured the becon
3: add 360 view because when we turn right the left side is totally blind and many player make it unfair and attack from blind side put camra on right and left so we clearly see enemy.
4: add comunication system with our teammates then we play more effectively.
Thanxs to all player and pixonic. If you support my ideas so comment me how we make game more and more better then before

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