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Apok666last year

You guys know Pixonic was bought out over a year ago, owns this and they bought to squeeze money until it dies, nothing else. They dont know how to make good games so take over companies with good games but thinks all mobile games fade in a few years so they ramp up monetization as much as they can which is actually what kills games.
Things will never be easier to get and free players you guys are boned, they dont give a shit about the people spending big money on the game.
They already made the money spent buying the company back so they will ride it till it dies and do it to the next game, fixing shit like MM and tanking cost money and if the game aint broken people would have less reason to spend money so nothing will ever get fixed.

They have known what players want fixed and they ignore it..... I am still not looking forward to the day the service gets shut off

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Apok666last year

Everytime I try to play this once great game I get to the hanger screen and I remember this game isn't fun anymore. It just grinding for minor improvement and everything is turned into rigged monetization...... Its a really good example of everything I don't want in the gaming industry- concern for game balance went out the window the moment made the money back on the purchase of pixonic.
I hate you guys 😡

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Apok666last year

To: Game Devs.
The simplest way to stop alot of tanking would be to end the league system and just restrict matches by game player level, every 10 or 5 or 3.
With Max level players use total victories & win/loss ratio to generate scaling metric.... But you already know all this, all of the data is already available and this could have been done a long time ago.
The kinda people who are going to go tanking are either players buying everything and seal clubbing cause they like it or they are players trying to bypass all the burdensome upgrade costs by seal clubbing because upgrade prices are ridiculous, either way new players get screwed and some quit, but the ones who stay are more likely to pay aren't they?
Once again you know all this, if you wanted to fix the major practical reason being the high upgrade prices or, keep the unsportsmanlike from having fun overpowering new players this issue would have already been solved so, don't try say you are really trying to do anything this.

The Specter WAS o.p. but the stealth time reduction does help a little but, the stealth should end when it lands cause with any decent player vs. most bots you are dead once it jumps at you-
4 hard points + stealth is o.p.,
4 med. h.p. + jump is also o.p.,
4 med. h.p. + jump + stealth is FUCKING BROKEN!!!!!
The Specter is like a Rog and a Stalker and Patton all made a baby &, you knew how broken it would be and you made it available made all the Whale buys you knew you would get and then nerfed it a bit before it completely ruined the game.

My point is "Just as planned", right?

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Apok666last year

All the new bot abilities have actually been indirectly the same ability: opponents can't shoot back.
The new bot ability is directly opponents can't shoot back & the new weapon ability is opponents can't move so players who can't afford to real money buy the new equipment will subjected being stuck in place in battles unable to use their weapons for the sake of "Whales" who will be "tanking" in greater numbers because what could be easier than clubbing newer players with lower level equipment when they can't move/shoot back at you and people.
Between that & the Specter this game is broken for rich people.

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Apok666last year

Man I read this comment section and I can tell how you all play this game- BAD!
You all complaining about "tankers" and, dashbots are O.P., there is even a guy bitching about being the only member of his team left on maps with all red beacons with his opponents chasing the hell out of him cause he doesn't have the skill to defeat those better robots....... W.T.F?
I love being the last guy on my team with a map full red bots-
I will dump on all of them, scream a steady river of foul language murder curses and, get more Ag and rank points for it.

I don't have any dash bots, I play a Leo, Raijin, Fujin, Rhino, Lancelot- Thunders, Magnums, Tarans, Pinita/Orkans &, 1 ancile (on the Leo)- I can put up 1,000,000+ damage with this hanger, I have many times. (I am in Diamond League, I would be higher but I have a recurring game signal problem).

I have actual problems playing this game.
The place I am renting interferes with reception even on Wi-Fi and I am constantly getting game connection interrupted, not disconnected so I am still in the match getting shot but I can't do anything till the connection stabilizes,
I can't use the watch video function &,
I can't send any game issues messages to Pixonic, any time I try the 2nd or 3rd issue it force closes the app.

None of my gameplay issues are Pixonic fault, my advice to you all is quit sweating the dumb shit & get good bro!

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