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Mikeshaq11 months ago

You should make a new gameplay (maybe skirmish) where each member is randomly assigned a specific role in the round - like one must be a long-range shooter (sniper), or a short-range shooter, mid-range shooter, a healer (like mender or weyland), a suppressor (like the new bots above), a beacon-catcher dash bot (like kumiho), etc.

I think that would allow teams to be more diverse, afford these bots more room to be involved and encourage better TEAM play.

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Mikeshaq2 years ago

Allow users to TRADE stuff, including bots, or weapons.

AND SHARE gold and silver. Even just clan members or friends!

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Mikeshaq2 years ago

PLEASE READ: Allow clan members to share our earned gold/silver with one another (instead of purchasing it as a gift) and allow us to trade equipment/robots with clan members!!!

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