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Ayaz Xelilov

Ayaz Xelilov9 months ago

The only bot for free with which we could fight greek bots is nerfed. i hope people who were whining and complaining about hellburner are happy now.

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Ayaz Xelilov2 years ago

This article contains good advises for those who encounter shocktrain in expert or diamond legue, where shocktrain is not that dominant on the field, i mean 1 or maximum 2 shocktrain users on the battlefield. then those advises are really useful. But in champions legue and master legue when 4 players out of 6 drops with shocktrain bulgasaries, and your team has only one build, these advises are useless. No matter how good player you are, how skilled you are you will lose all your 5 bots in 4 minutes. You try to attack/defend yourself from one of them, the other guy with the same build mk2 grills you. Or your teammate get grilled and through him you get your portion. I think in order to balance it's being OP Pixonic should make it aim at the enemy manually rather than automatically.

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