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Sayayincacaroto9 months ago

hello congratulations for your game .. it's very interesting how it changes with each update ... a request could buff blitz I think your final speed and blood are very few should improve this as it is a robot to fight one by one and nothing more if another bot is presented, it will not be able to recharge its shield (very little resistant by the way) to cope with its scab speed average thanks

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Sayayincacarotolast year

Hi, leave it like this, otherwise you would not have taken it out ... it's always the same thing, they're naughty with this weapon, maybe there's no more ..

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Sayayincacarotolast year

hello friends excellent game ... I would like to contribute some ideas I do not know how feasible they are ... you imagine a world that is affected by the explosions where part of the buildings deteriorate with each explosion ... where the bots to explode fall fragments far ... also would be a great jungle world with streams and swamps in which submerge to escape the enemy at the cost of being without weapons for a moment and save the life of the bot?

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