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Ballista Spectre


Ios platform diamond league. I am trying to make Ballista Spectre MK2. Currently, I have 2 Ballista and a Spectre. I will amaze people by the look of Ballista Spectre. The chance of seeing them is super low, so I will make the chance better.

Ballista Spectre2 years ago

WTF??? Ballista can't be produced in worshop 2.0 and now it can only be bought for 2500 golds? My Ballista Spectre dream is crushed. F**k you Pigsonic.
Ps. I am not shill. Just a regular free player.

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Ballista Spectre2 years ago

Ballista upgrade cost and time is going down by almost half. I am going to make a Ballista Spectre MK2.

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