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Thanos75 5 months ago

Is it fair that damage increase module on a robot with 2 weapons vs a robot with 4 weapons? And all the newer powerful bots have 4 slots for modules unfair for someone like me who uses old bots which have 2-3 slots. And bulwark double dragoon is too powerful.

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Thanos75 10 months ago

Scourge 43 million silver from lvl 10 to 11 is extreme what is 11 to 12 cost. This is ridiculous

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Thanos75 last year

Shocktrain range is 500m the resulting hit should not be allowed to go past 500 meters and hit eveything within 150 meters. There should be a limit as to how far the subsequent energy Burst can travel. If the initial range of the weapon is 500 then the energy shouldn’t go further than that.

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